Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life's a Bitch and I'm going to be it's Pimp!

Thanks to my cousin for this rockin' quote and how appropriate given I crammed WAY to much into a 4 day workweek. First off I found out yesterday that one of my former students at my old school won an Emmy, yes Bill, a real Emmy through the Student Division of of Television Excellence. He was great student and to hear this years later makes me smile! His poster on Texas V. Johnson made my Best in Show wall of Artwork to this day!

SO this student made me think of my old teaching partner who on my last day gave me the book 50 jobs Worst than Yours. I knew I would love teaching with her when on our first meeting at Cary Lazy Days she was reading Nora Ephron. She is the kind of teacher that kicks your ass she is so hard but one day you will bow at her alter for making you work that hard. So in her honor that her book was foreshadowing for my future here is my top 10 Worst Jobs... including one I added for fun!

1. Maggot Wrangler
2. Nursing Home Entertainer
3. Sadam Hussein Stand In... no longer valid
4. TUSH magazine makeup artist
5. Walking Menu
6. Little Boy Hand Model
7. ratemyvomit.com editor
8. Tiruwka (a eastern European highway sex escort)
9. Midget Tossing Tossee
10. and my favorite... A 10th High School Reunion Stand In. Read the story and tell me you aren't laughing!

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