Friday, April 24, 2009

Finished For Friday- Awesome Weekend Ahead Edition!

I have been a little MIA from my weekly "what have I gotten done" Friday roundup. Good reason, first spring break, then NCCAT and leaving again next weekend . So given that I have gotten alot done when actually home here's the short list:

1. NHS new member stuff. 110 interested, 67 applications, 29 new members

2. Planted a lettuce bowl and installed a swing for Ben on our glider swing

3. Picked up a play house from my neighbor and put it back together. I helped screw the inside stuff in and filled it with play food and a lounge chair. Looks like a little man lives here.. one that love to slide after a hard day at school.

4. Over 30 items on my school to do list marked off. I'm totally in the VinsonZone as I push to the end of the year with totally checked out kids minus air conditioning. I think the heat is making me manic!

This weekend first on the list is to mow the grass. If not I am going to have to get a goat. Next up is the spring festival at a local park and then the highlight of my weekend.... A 80s themed 35th birthday party for 2 friends Saturday night.

I am so getting my Girls Just Want to Have Fun Vibe on. Not only was this a song my self mantra at age 13 but the BEST slumber party ever movie. What else could my dorky junior high self want: SJP in her post Square Pegs breakout movie debut, a dance contest, great clothes, Helen Hunt as the bad girl best friend, a bitchy rich girl who eats it in the end... and defying your parents.

Believe it or not, I don't own this movie, so I will have to sooth my soul with a tackiest picture contest, Ouija board magic, OTHER bad 80s movies, party games, and oh yes... alcohol.

I am starting a dance contest even if I am alone in this adventure... Let's hear it for anything from Prince's 1984 Purple Rain album or the Best of Kajagoogoo.

Going to be totally groovox, so very, and I better motor if I plan to get all my jelly bracelets and parachute pants on in time.


LauraC said...

Wait until you see my outfit!!! And Jen's outfit.

And we should totally do the Dove's Cry dance, do you remember it was similar to the Macarena?

Threeundertwo said...

Now I'll have Prince in my head all day.

You got a lot done! Congratulations on getting to the home stretch at school.

Bea said...

Sounds like you need to let your hair down a little. Have fun!


Way to go!!!