Friday, May 1, 2009

Outta Here!

In 12 hours I hope to be sitting by the pools at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas. Actually I hope to be getting ready for a night out at the tables and a nice dinner. We had a amazing chance to join our friends for a long weekend as they have a free condo for sat/Sun nights. Since we only had to pay affair and it's been 3 years since we last went... we are going!

On our last trip I was 5 months preg with Ben and surprised Bill by getting remarried on the strip under the "welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign". We went with friends so it was a great last trip before parenthood.

We have tickets to the only Cirque show we haven't seen, KA tomorrow night. Reservations at our favorite restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Hotel to watch the sunset over the strip. It's accross from the Bellagio fountains so entertainment outside of people watching. Bill and I have this game we play called, Is She or Isn't She (hooker...stripper...escort). As the night rolls on the game becomes more fun and the bets become crazier!

We really need this trip. It's been a stressful few weeks... ok who am I fooling, few months with both work stress and stress over starting IVF. When we get home are are essentially one month from starting all the process involves and I have a rather lengthy list of related stuff to do that I am dreading.

But for the next 4 days I will be in total artificial bliss!

A BIG, huge thanks to the Case family for being a triplet family and offering to take Ben to make this trip possible. There are friends, and then there are friends who will take your kid... Thank you!

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