Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silver Lining on Tax Day

Aside from today being a day we kiss our hard earned $$$ away, today is also National Financial Literacy Day. Financial literacy should be a high school graduation requirement, and I could not be more pleased to have had the chance to develop curriculum for FL that is used throughout my state. It was/is a highlight as my time as a teacher and validation to do this job day after day.

I am really excited that I have managed to add an extra week to my economics unit that starts Monday. My kids participate in a "mock life" unit in which my kids have to 40 economic tasks like filing taxes with dummy W-2s and schedules, live on a budget, getting a loan all on the national average national salary of 36k.

This year I am also having the kids download the now Peabody award winning TAL episode "Giant Pool of Money" as well as a choice of recent Plant Money podcasts as part of the assignment. Yesterday they posted a great piece about the impact of budget cuts on schools and how teens are being pushed out of the job market due to the influx of older adults also looking for work.

Can I tell you how excited I am to hopefully be bringing them into the fold and teaching some real life skills to transcend graduation. This is so worth getting out of bed for in the morning!

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