Thursday, April 16, 2009

Backseat Funny...

and a NOT so fun week of behavior from Ben.


Ben: I like firetrucks...look daddy 2 firetrucks... they my favorite...

Bill: I like firetrucks too, Ben

Ben: Firetrucks are my swishy pants... they my favorite. I go see mommy.

not so funny...

Ben: I hit you mommy... I hitting you with my shoes.

Heather: Ouch!
that hurt as I am pelted in the back of the head while driving with his shoes as he is laughing. I swerve and pull off.

I get out and open his door. I am so mad I really want to smack him, but I don't. I close the door and stand there for what feels like 5 minutes trying to pull it together.

Heather: Grabbing flailing arms and kicking legs. Ben you hurt mommy. You NEVER hurt mommy. We DO NOT throw anything at mommy in the care... of EVER! Are you sorry?

Ben: laughing.. NO.. I hit you... laugh, laugh, laugh

Heather: You are in time out in the car and no TV when we get home.

Ben: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I want Kai-Lan... I want Ho-Ho I not like you mommy

Heather: Gets back in the car and gets home pulling the silent treatment to a screaming Ben about missing freakin' Ho-Ho.

Bedtime is another showdown now including Bill. Try to give him a big bear hug to control the kicking and hiding under his bed.. no such luck to get him to listen

Bill: Get in the bed.. we are done for the night.

Bill and Heather almost simultaneously once out of the room: How much do we really, really want to do this again..

Checking on Ben before I go to bed to Bill: Worth it, even for days like these

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Beth said...

Ditto the car scene--been there, done that. Although in our case, William was doing something to Seth. And William's time-outs in the car involve turning off the music, and the silent treatment, which he can't stand. I set the timer on my iPhone, and every time he tries to say something, the timer gets restarted. It makes him crazy! I think God made wine and beer for days like these. Here's to you!