Friday, April 17, 2009


Made the trip to NCCAT in the usual long 5 hours, but wow-o-wow what a beautiful day to drive with the sunroof open and yet another audiobook. I have been saving this one for this trip. Post definitely coming next week... already have the title, "Confession of a Confessions Junkie".

So this is really hard to know that as of August this cohort of teachers are breaking up. What was suppose to be a 2 year commitment is ending a year early due to state budget cuts.

The Director of the whole program came down to talk to us and address some of the very heated comments that have been exchanged. The prognosis for the whole program is not good and may be cut completely and the property sold to Western Carolina University. This hurts. I know and can vouch for how much being here first for a full week in 2007 and now as part of a close group of teachers has validated me as a teacher and encouraged me to take time to write and create art (if you want to call it that!) Both are something I love to do but never take time to do.

Our opening session always starts with a general check in. You can imagine the amount of lay-offs and negative impact the economy is having, but to hear it from person after person was really hard to hear.

I am not the most, "hey I don't really know you so let me tell you about my life"... Some people are in this group are, and for their openess I respect them. Every time I have come here I am asked to serve on someone's "clearness committee". Basically, got something pressing and want an independent take by other group members? I don't know what this says that I keep getting asked by others to participate, but just as being empathetic to my students this falls under the same reason why I think I do this job. Teaching can be a lonely and isolating job and if you have never thought yourself a fraud.. then you surely are not the real thing.

My late-night art partner Kim is not here this trip, but I feel a second wind coming on and will likely work until at least midnight on some open projects. Give me a room of art supplies and I'll show you a happy Heather....

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