Monday, April 27, 2009

Ed Lover called and wants his shirt back...

Do you remember a time when wearing a yellow and red unitard with your giant feathered hair completed with a whole can of Aqua Net, big ass earnings, and neon green shoes would be the height of fashion? Is your first name Heather, Amber, Melissa, Michelle, Laura, or Jennifer? Can you sing the Facts of Life Theme song and dreamed of living with Jo, Natalie, Tootie, and Blair?

Other than a Salt and Peppa Video circa 1987 you would be laughed out of town to wear any of the choice outfits that were paraded satursday night at the big 80s 35th birthday celebration. This was my chance to remember that every day I used to come home and watch forbidden Yo MTV RAPS staring Dr. Dre and Ed Lover.

What a awesome party filled with good food, yummy cocktails (much better than the Mad Dog/Gatorade combo that was my drink of choice in high school), 80s movies, a round of I Never that resulted in some telling secrets of girls gone wild, and best of all the worst picture contest.

I proudly submitted my Kindergarten photo of my mom's attempt to mix Little House on the Prairie with Princess Lea Hair, my 5th grade girl Scout photo with Senator Strom Thurmond, and my prize-winning "Yes I am A Jeopardy Freak from my High School yearbook". While I didn't win, and as a friend pointed out you really are still a quiz bowl freak in your own way circa 2009, I am happy to say that it was good fun and loved that everyone looks MUCH better today.

Happy Birthday 35th Laura and Jen! I don't know what we will be doing for your 70th but I hope to be around and find out what outrageous parties the nursing home will let us throw without breaking a hip!


LauraC said...

My grandma Pat entered an assisted living facility with her husband before she died. They quickly set up bar night on Tuesdays where they shut the place down drinking until midnight every week. That WILL be me!

elizabeth hendricks nicholson said...

I love your Jeopardy freakdom! It inspired me to try out! I missed it by ONE question. Stupid Somerset Maugham!I love the tribute to Ed Lovah. Only you ole girl... only you!