Monday, January 31, 2011

Bye, Bye to You 1/11

January 2011, you were a productive month. One weekend trip to SC, wrapped up one semester and started another with work, birthday, New Year's "goals not resolutions" in place. On this final day of the month a quick check in on what got done from January's list:

Health related appointments galore: Mammogram, plastic surgery consult, and mole check on board by month end.

Yes to Mamm x 2, PS consult 1 done another next month. Moved mole check due to weather to Feb.

See one movie in a movie theater minus children. Black Swan vs Blue Valentine are the contenders. Saw Black Swan Sat night. Yeah, it was totally awesome. I may have to write a movie review good. Or just recall how I broke a pair of pointe shoes while wearing them when I was 12 beacause I can so relate to NPortman's un-believable performance. Not even the same league or planet so I won't embarassess myself.

Celebrate my 36th birthday!!! It was Super-awesome. Mondo List published, great celebration with family, good mammogram results back. What more could I ask.

Investigate test item writing for additional income. Hired and have already sent in three batches of questions.

Try to keep reasonable bedtime and wrap up all grading by 10 pm. NO! Due to adding the 2nd and 3rd sections I'm up again late. Major Feb. plan to get on a better daily schedule to reel in the late nights.

Start to evaluate any magnet kindergarten options for Ben and set up school visits if applicable. I pulled out the brochures and noted who have open houses before the appicaiton dedaline of 2/25. I at least get some credit. More to come, I'm sure about reseaching schools from the little chairs.

Attempt to log 20 miles and/or 10 hours per week in Move It 2011 YES! Well almost. Finished the month at almost 75 miles. Aveeraging 18-22 miles per week and on ave 5-8 hours. I'm doing fewer classes with the extra running, but seriuosly need to bulk up on some strength training to build endurence. Best off can now run 4.5 miles/60 min. Have signed up for 2 spring races.

I totally get an A for effort, A for follow-through, and B for sticking to the plan (pts deducted for the whole late night business.)

Points back for spending the final weekend of the month, outside in flip-flops in 70 degree weather playing.

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LauraC said...

Pretty kick butt January.
And yes, you need to SLEEP!