Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boys and Girls

Since back we have been catching up with friends since October was crazy busy. Not like this is a revelation to anyone with boys, girls, both, multiples of one gender but...

Wow there are major differences between the genders. I have said to more than one person commenting on parenting two boys, "yes, I hear they are a good weight loss plan, based on the unbridled energy."

Obviously as Ben was full on open last weekend at a local jump house his female counterpart was frequently teary when someone ran into her (even when it wasn't Ben.) But when getting two babies almost the same age to play again, who goes after the truck almost immediately compared to who wanted the musical toy?

Actually they both wanted the musical toy and fought each other over who could shove it their mouth first. It almost looks like they are discussing who's turn is next in this cute quick pic.

As much as you read and understand that as a parent you need to try NOT to reinforce gender stereotypes, I have to wonder how much can I overcome compared to testosterone or estrogen hardwired biology. I keenly remember the baby Santa gave Ben to practice with before Ian's arrival, was carried around by the head, arm, leg finally to be put on the shelf, ignored.

As we enter into the holiday gift buying season my one request for family (and also Bill, the #1 Toy Buyer at Casa Vinson) is NO MORE TOYS!


I've been brainstorming for this much low key upcoming holiday season what we can do WITH the kids instead of FOR the kids in the form of just more stuff.

Among the plans of November clean out of our closets and also all toys is making a December countdown of activities at home and some out that we can do together if possible for limited $$$.

Making a gingerbread house is on the list, but not with the expectation of doing anything more than eating the candy and likely destroying the final product. I learned last year that displaying any gingerbread creations on a dining room table is not going to happen.


LauraC said...

I didn't find much difference between boys and girls before age 2, but then OH LORDY. It drives me batshit insane when moms of girls who've never been around boys claim girls and boys have just as much energy. I like to give the example of Nate and Alex walking for SEVEN HOURS at Legoland and still wanting more. Or the two mile RUN through Hemlock Bluffs.

This age almost feels like ADD, the wild 4.5 year old. I actually have to say to them "Stop acting crazy!"

And you know I gave them babies and let them wear pink... and they stomped on those babies heads.

Beth said...

LOL! I'm trying not to get caught up in the toys-toys-toys mania, but I can't help it! There are so many toys that I want the boys to have. Thank goodness I have a budget. This past weekend we went through the playroom and William identified a bunch of toys that we could give away. I was kind of shocked! I thought I would have to do the stealth de-toying chore. There were a few toys that he doesn't play with much that he insisted on keeping, "Because Santa gave them to him." I thought that was pretty sweet. Anyway, your idea of more time together is right on target! Two things on my list is gingerbread houses, and going to look at Christmas lights in the car. Can't wait to hear more!