Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yes, They Were Real and Also Spectacular

In answer to those who saw us out seeking candy Sunday night, yes I did make the costumes. I started this project back in September, and my response to the clerk asking to help me find a vest pattern, "Sew Easy My Ass." She was NOT amused in her smart, homely looking smock.

Among the 4, yes FOUR trips to Joann Fabric I bought:

- multiple tubes of liquid stitch
- the tackiest-ass red and gold trim for my chaps. Even strippers at a D-list club would shun this monstrosity
- fake cow fur likely stolen from a Chick filet opening.
- sequins, sequins, sequins. Did someone rob Glamour Shots?
- did I mention red brick brack trim for Bill's shirt, likely stolen from some very sad clogger's USA Pride costume
- 4 tubes of traffic light yellow fabric paint
- Felt and then the 3 different types of glues to attach. At my lowest moment I was considering hand stitching Ian's Mr. Potato Head outfit after the first two failed. Luckily some ultra toxic, will likely cause him some future stunted growth did the trick.

Only a day before the trip, I waited in a double digit line with all the other mothers thinking that homemade costumes will put me in the Good Mom Hall of Fame.

Some very grateful mother let me cut in line seeing the only reason I was back at the cutting counter (again) was MORE of that damn stripper trim.

More like never, ever again.

Once we got to Disney, I realized that the only way of attaching the belt buckles was dental floss. MacGyver-esqe strategy to the rescuer as we headed out the door.

The Final Result? We were stopped multiple times, including the next day by some random woman on the hotel bus who had seen us the night before. Bill tweeted our pic to the movie Director who was looking for best costume. No win, but he did reply back at our AWESOMENESS!.

So yes, the costumes were spectacular and worthy of some pics from the Toy Story Dance Party with the real deal.

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