Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 7 Months Ian, my little speed demon.

Man this kid is fast. It seemed like only days ago Ian was scooting around on his arms on the floor. Late last week he was FULL on crawling.

BAM! This kid is mobile much earlier than Ben. Needless to say much of the weekend was spent re-baby proofing only for him to find something else to get into.

I think we have a potential climber and squealer growing upstairs. His latest trick involves standing up, shaking the side of the crib babbling/squealing at anyone within earshot.

Add to this 7 straight days of no nap. Thank you Daylight Savings Time for totally screwing us out of any sleep or productivity last week. He getting up at 6 or earlier and we are all feeling it. Even after a trip to Umstead Park today he was still going strong with NO NAP.

I've been trying to put him down before he appears overtired, extra solids or bottles , and making sure we are not away from home around usual naps as he is a poor car sleeper. Outside of trying to wear him down in hopes of sleep I'm about out of ideas. Suggestions???

I know that this too will pass as in the scheme of babies, he remains an easy-going happy boy.

Even after this unfortunate accident Friday he was all smiles. This first of many knots and bruisings came from testing out his weight on his baby legs while holding onto a bench.

Something tells me I am going to run a tab with Urgent care before either can vote.

Happy 7 months my sweetie. I'm hoping all those MAAAAMAAAA and GUGGGGG sounds are going to be Ma Ma before Christmas.

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LauraC said...

Look at him go!
Alex was like that, suddenly mobile and into EVERYTHING. Obviously you know our method was to remove everything from his grasp. His tiny fingers could get EVERYWHERE!

What does he do when you put him down? I'd vote for just leaving him in his crib for naptime but I'm also a CIO mom. For us, 7 months was old enough for them to understand it is naptime and we are not coming back.

As for early wake ups, no help there. Alex was up at 5-5:30 for the first three years and when he woke up, he was ready to go. No amount of schedule shifting helped. Even this morning he was in my room at 6:30 and I was yelling at him to go back in his room until his alarm rang.