Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Of training goals and preschool literacy

I posted an update to FB yesterday after finishing another C5k session.
Thanks for the support, dear friends.

On the goal front I am working towards running on M, W, F before strength or yoga/pilates class. Right now the plan is on using the treadmill until my endurance level builds and then start running with the stroller outside. On the class front Tues/Sat are still spin days and Thursday I leave open for core and free weights.

For my 36th birthday in January my gift to myself is a consult with a plastic surgeon. That is if I can meet a goal of being down 1/2 of my weight to loose before the surgery. So far I've lost a little over 35 lbs with 50-60 to go.

On a totally different take Ben is obsessed with trying to sound out words while reading nigh time books. Last night he called me back in just to tell me he wanted to read another book to me. Nice stall tactic, buddy. In reality nothing could make me happier than to help open up the world of reading with him.

The past week he wants to "read" the same book about riding a firetruck. The only way he really knows the words is through sheer repetition. But in his mind he reads it back to me page by page with a big grin when he finishes. We then go back and pick out words and sound them out, spelling them and pointing out the word again in the book to see if he remembers.

Tonight is date night, 4 year old style. In reality it's my week and we are waiting until Saturday.I purchased a one session Tot Art class with a one day discount on Living Social. If all goes well, we'll have a masterpiece to hang.

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Carrie77 said...

You are doing really well! I have a running schedule too, I run on Sunday, Tues., Thurs, and Saturday. I try to run mid-day on the weekend and during the week after the kids are in bed. If I have something going on that evening, I don't try to make it up on a different day. That seems to help a lot, too! Good luck!