Thursday, November 11, 2010

Then Let's Just Shoot for Plan B

Thanks to the oh so wonderful time change Ian has been up at 6 am and then refuses to nap. Yes, he crashes around 9am for a cat nap but refuses to take his normal lunchtime nap. No amount of extra feeding, extra rocking, making sure we are at home has helped this week.


So in keeping with the plan run am online tutoring, then to the gym to do the Wed C25k session then on to yoga/pilates fusion.


I had just dropped Ian off with the childcare at the gym and was programing the treadmill when all the power went out.

You have to be kidding me. I literally just got here late as always after a poop blowout, a peeing dog accident, and then missing the garbage truck.

Once home, I am faced with either not doing the session or striking out and running with the stroller. This seems like a no brainer, but I really wanted to have built up some endurance before heading outside.

I now have a short list of things that will make being outside better including fixing the locking front wheel, getting some running shorts, maybe some double duty ones also for spin, figure a way to make Ian happier in the stroller who cried the whole way, and reconfigure a play list that matches my stride (no comments here on need for super slow songs to match my super slow pace.)

The day was not a total loss, after Ian pulled NO nap we picked up Ben, took the dog with us and headed to Bass Lake Park to the nature trail. It's a town park that we haven't visited since last fall since it's been under revamp. The changes were nice and the new 2 mile trail much more stroller friendly.

A nice way to salvage a day, get outside and enjoy the leaves, and helped tire the boys out for an early bedtime. Which from what I gather from Bill this morning didn't go down as planned. To my credit I had them in the bed before heading out, they just didn't take the hint to sleep.

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