Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As of 7 am we are on our way to SC for the next 48 hours for Thanksgiving. It wasn't the original plan, but things have a way of falling together.

I have kicked out some AMAZING amounts of work this week given Ian napped both days.

Included in this list of feats: our entire Thanksgiving dinner minus roasted chicken finished and frozen, 5 more freeze ahead meals prepped to travel, holiday clothes for the boys purchased as well as the final gifts for my mom to give, and helped Ben make Thanksgiving cards and fudge pies for his teachers.

With all that the next 48 hours should go down without a hitch. Since I am leaving way early to beat holiday traffic we should be golden. All hopes for the drive not taking the extra 3 hours it did last trip with the tour of all NC/SC rest areas.

On a sad, but also thankful note of the end of physical suffering, my surrogate grandmom passed away Monday after a long battle with Parkinson's. Luella Hood was my grandmother's brother's wife and an amazingly strong and outrageously funny woman.

I always secretly wanted the Hoods to be our grandparents. Henry and Lu were unbelievably good hearted, loved kids and always welcomed you into their home (usually with some kick ass southern cooking.)

Lu was quick with a dirty joke and loved life. She was a true steel magnolia in her grace to handle her illness as well as the bouts of depression that plagued her throughout life. Lu hosted a family recipe shower before our wedding inviting all the Hendricks and Hood wives into her home for more than "some damn ugly mints and punch in the church gym."

Last trip down I took my mom as well as the boys for our usual visit. The Hood's always showed kindness to my dad growing up as he worked weekends in Henry's general store. Later when he was sick the Hoods stepped in on a weekly basis.

I debated whether or not I wanted to take the boys to the funeral. I have a good 6 hours of driving to make the call today. Somehow I am willing to trade off what may be a bad parenting decision leading to a hard conversation with Ben later about death.

Somehow taking the boys seems a lesson in how to live a life fully and without regret . Thoughts on how to convey this to a 4 year old are welcomed.

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Beth said...

Sweet memories live on. Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving and a safe trip there an back.