Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Count on Mom to Include the Underwear and Toothpaste

Post up about Parade and Fireworks Tips today at Growing Up Disney Mini-Moms Panel

As we get closer to holiday season I've started a running list of things we want to include. My limit is 15 items spread out over the month of December with a cap on expenses. Already events are adding up with Santa Train tickets, a Winter Wonderland event at a local park, and researching if our annual tradition of going to the Messiah at Duke Chapel is making the list (Bill would quickly say no.)

One of the things that makes the list every year is filling Operation Christmas Child Boxes. Our local Chick-fil-a is doing a big drop off event this week. Last night I took the boys and we bought enough to fill boxes from Ben and Ian. I let Ben pick the ages (as you guessed he wanted to pick four year old boys.) My ballpark limit was $75 (or 1/2 of what I want to spend DOING stuff this season.)

For each box we filled, Ben picked out:

play dinosaur
foam football
silly stick (makes a crazy noise and is filled with little pellets)
match box cars
small leggo kit
coloring book

Mom added:
Plastic reusable shoebox to pack the loot
New underwear (Ben picked out Cars)
New toothbrushes and toothpaste
First aid kit
School supplies (pencils, chalk, crayons, glue stick, pencil bag, notepad)
Cars themed water bottle and snack case

So can you tell who was the 4 year old concerned about toys and the 35 year old concerned about practicality?

Aside- Of fast food places I will always pick Chick-fil-a. We frequent the Tuesday Night kids night on the way to Ben date night at least once a month. The minister who married us is a foster parent with the WINSHAPE foundation.

Bill and I stayed with their family on their farm (the Wiley Home) over a weekend to plan the ceremony. Granted they are a for-profit company, but knowing the back story and meeting some of the kids was telling of as aspect of the cooperate culture. The whole "We're Not Open on Sundays" moto seems to be more than just lip service.

Plus, their coupons never expire.

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