Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well That Was Random

Short, Rambling, I need to be either knocking out progress reports to schools or doing the 5 loads of laundry I neglected this weekend. Somehow this seems more important.

1. Ian needs to be sleeping. Day 14 of craptastic sleep. Only ONE day last week did he not wake up before 6. Add falling asleep in the car for any amount of time = no nap. The return of crappy parental sleep. BOO!

2. Good weekend overall on the behavior front with Ben. This included sitting quietly with me at Harvest Table at Church. Somehow the idea of trading for cookies kept him quiet.

3. I really love that each week at the library he insists on getting 4 books for Baby Ian and then attempts to read them to him.

4. Somehow doing anything times four is the magic trick for Ben compliance.

5. We all fell asleep in the car before dinner. The boys fell asleep on the way home from Durham so why mess up a good thing.

6. Post closet clean out = clothes I haven't seen or worn in over a year. I proudly now have a new drawer of workout clothes to get me through an entire week.

7. New playlist for Week 4 for Couch to 5k! Earth, Wind, and Fire made the cut.

8. I kicked ass getting almost all of the T-Day meal cooked and frozen over the weekend. My mom can't have ham and my brother hates turkey. Can we have a meal of all sides and pie?

9. I'm crazy disappointed in the sampler I had framed for Ian's nursery. Thinking of getting it re framed even though it seems wasteful to spend the money

10. However I'm psyched that we are combining our Christmas and anniversary gift giving for a joint family gift. Bill's fav aspect of a new purchase, the research and comparison, are in full swing for a Black Fri deal.

11. No 3 am standing in line to fight it out for a Dyson or shoving a lady with a kind size down comforter in route to said vaccum. Seriously what was I thinking last year?

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