Monday, November 8, 2010

Never Say Never

Most of last week was spent getting caught up on my class, housework galore, pulling out warmer clothes for the kids, watching a backlog of Daily Shows leading up the Rally, and getting back to the gym. Not the most exciting of weeks compared to Disney, but back to reality.

Noteworthy is I started a Couch to 5k on Nov 1st. My plan is to train over the winter and run a 5k to celebrate Ian's 1st birthday next spring. Part of this stems from the gift of a little used, heavy duty jogging stroller my neighbor gave us in their move cross country. Also, I finally found a sports bra!!! Nothing else needs to be said on the 2nd reason, other than it's depressing when lingerie has be ordered from another continent to fit you.

Ever since Bill started running last fall, I've been secretly jealous. I credit the running to jump starting his weight loss when he plateaued. Plus his sense of accomplishment is something I really want for myself. He ran a 5K Halloween Race and is running a Turkey Trot in a couple of weeks.

All this from the person who proclaimed she would only run if someone was chasing her. I totally wanted to bail as I coughed my way through the first session, but I stuck it out. Friday I did the 3rd session. A little easier and I rewarded myself by heading to the Yoga/Pilates class I love afterwards. I can't say that I will ever see myself running more than just this race. But then, never say never.

Frankly I have a new found respect for all the work Bill has put into training these last months. His goal for 2011 is to train for a 1/2. Yeah, I was waiting on it. Hello City of Oaks 13.1 one year from yesterday.

We have a deal that I will make him an over the top sign (again) and brave the cold for a cheering section next spring.

New Freeze Ahead post up today for Cider-Butternut Squash Soup paired with Yankee Cornbread. Serious Yum.


Goddess in Progress said...


C25K is an awesome program. I, like you, always wondered why those people were running when there were no apparent bears chasing them. I ran a mile ONCE back in high school. I am SO not a runner, and I also feel your pain on the sports bra issue (I now love the Fiona bra by Moving Comfort, I got it from Amazon).

BUT. The program really, really works. Go as slowly as you need to, and make sure to stretch a LOT (I ended up off the road and in physical therapy for 2 months, largely because of inadequate stretching). And consider, if you haven't already, going to a running store and getting fitted for a good pair of shoes. They'll make the difference with things like shin splints.

Anyways, GO YOU! I found the strangest thing happened... I actually started to like it! It was still really hard for me, but I liked it. I was bummed that I really needed to stop once I got pregnant, and totally plan on re-starting C25K after the baby is born.

And GO BILL on the "Half Mary!" That's on my bucket list...

Beth said...

Not you, too! I started C25K, but like many things I start, I didn't finish. Are you running on a treadmill? I really hated all the speeding up and slowing down. Blech. It seems like running is the best way to get fit since it takes the least amount of time and gives great results. And there's that whole sense-of-accomplishment-thing, I guess. But blech, blech, blech! Seriously, though, I'm rooting for you! And maybe you'll inspire me to try again!

Carrie77 said...

Its so worth it, and how wonderful that your husband is into running, too!! Even better!