Friday, October 26, 2012

An Occasional Friday Series- Gonna Wear the Hell Out of This!

I've been working on a short list of items I want to add to my fall wardrobe.  I'm concentrating mainly on work as I wear essentially the same thing on weekends, jeans and a black turtleneck and clogs.  I might, just might wear this new sweater I've ordered from Sundance.

Days here have continued to be warm, thus I'm still wearing sandals and open toed shoes (yes with a pedicure).  I found this very cute lightweight dark denim shirtwaist dress at Gap and loved it do much that I bought the scarf right off the mannequin while waiting in line to pay.  I *hope* to make this a 4 season dress with leggings underneath once colder.  By the way I get more comments on my Tom's wedges every time I wear them.  They are super comfortable and dress anything up.  By them at Nordstroms in store or online.

Next up are the white jeans.  My friend Kim, who is my style go-to, assured me that I CAN continue to wear white into fall as long as it's paired appropriately.  Not only do I get another place to wear this belt I love, but damn if I don't love these jeans.

Someone commented they hadn't worn white jeans since high school.  My comment, "since I never owned them in high school, I'm going to wear the hell out of these for as long as I (tastefully) can!"

Next up was what has been my fall uniform.  Wear it to a pumpkin patch, you bet.  To the State Fair, right again.  The crazy thing is both the cropped jeans and jacket are both from Banana Republic, a store I seldom shop in due to cost, but love their casual outfits.  I got both pieces at a Kenya fundraising yard sale and cost less than $15 together. Score.

A couple of weeks ago Bill and I did a date night which turned into Heather just shopping and Bill hanging out at the Apple Store.  I blitzed store after store trying on clothes including trying on party dresses for fun.

I've been looking for the right pair of red pants (or jeans).  Too cute!

One of the things on my list is a charcoal shift dress that I can dress up professionally for work as well as casually for a date night.

I really like this print from White House, Black Market.

But then I found this from Garnet Hill.

I am totally in  love with this dress.  It is made of super soft Merino wool and paired with a low slung chunky double wrap belt also on order from Garnet HilL I can not wait for it to get a little colder.  I have some argyle patterned tights I'm going to pair with boots for a winter look.

I *might* even be tempted to buy these suede wedge shoes in funky purple to also wear with this dress.  Wait.. who am I kidding, I would totally go for the basic, understated color!

Think I might wear the hell out of this dress?


Hell Yes. 

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Carrie77 said...

LOVE the Garnett Hill dress. And, those wedges are tooo cute, they look comfy, too! I say go for the purple! Altho, a black pair would be nice, too!