Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Fall Family Fun List!

I LOVE fall.  Hands down, it is my favorite season of the year.  A couple of items on the list are holdovers from the summer we enjoyed (or never got to complete)
What's going down at the Vinson house this fall?
  1. Trip to Hill Ridge farm pumpkin patch
  2. State Fair!!!!!!!
  3. Decorate the house/carve pumpkins for Halloween
  4. Help plan a block party
  5. Build a Scarecrow at Logan's Harvest Day
  6. Participate in a costume parade
  7. Visit Eno river state park (picnic/nature hike)
  8. SPCA Howl-A Ween (dog costume contest)
  9. Lego Store Build Saturday
  10. Nature scavenger hunt with the V boys
  11. Bill/Ben camping trip
  12. Paddle boats at Bond park
  13. Pick apples
  14. Jump in a GIANT pile of leaves
  15. Make at least one fall-themed craft
  16. Try out a new area playground
  17. Make an indoor campfire for Smores
  18. Cooking afternoon with our friend Katie L.
  19. Family game or puzzle night
  20. Y Guides Event
  21. Ride the New Hill train
  22. Make a 2012 stepping stone for our pond
  23. Food truck rodeo at the NC Museum of Art

Up this weekend, the State Fair. Bring on some NC fried goodness and people watching at its best.

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Carrie77 said...

Love the Nature scavenger hunt :) We have the same thing on our list. The stepping stone sounds fun... and, the state fair... one of these days I'll make it to the MO state fair!