Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wake me when the hour is over

For a WHOLE FULL HOUR yesterday I was waiting on Ben at an appointment with the new psychologist. 

For a WHOLE FULL HOUR it was quiet.

For a WHOLE FULL HOUR I sat in the warm afternoon light cascading over me

For a WHOLE FULL HOUR I updated the ever present duel work/home to-do list

For a WHOLE FULL HOUR I made a small dent in my massive end of quarter grading

For a WHOLE FULL HOUR I contemplated
all the things I could do at future visits:  read a book, take a walk around the surrounding wooded area, I even thought about the luxury of a short nap.

Of course when that hour was up it was back to the traffic filled day care pick up, and poopy toddler pants, and the nightly drama that is our life. 

Worth a $40 copay to feel like we took even the smallest of steps to help, AMAZING! But equally amazing to find a whole hour to myself was icing on the cake.

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LauraC said...

Alex's therapist is in the downstairs part where there are no people. I totally closed my eyes at his appt Friday and of course, that's right when a therapist I know walked by. DOH.

Ironically I spent most of the time reading a book about ADHD.