Friday, October 5, 2012

Quick check in

Not quite sure how it got to be Friday but I've been battling a nasty cold all week.  Ian has been sick as well, so outside of work life has been piling up.  Bill has been gone several nights so once I've gotten kids in bed I've been comatose or close to it zonked out on cold meds. 

The good news is I'm better today, as well as Ian.  So far Ben and Bill have escaped being sick due to my hyperness about handwashing and cleaning surfaces. 

We are planning on taking the boys to my school's homecoming tonight as well as finishing decorating the house for Halloween over the weekend.  Ben and Bill have their first Y-Guides meeting Sunday. 

My overall goal is to get caught up with housework and school work to start the week off not feeling overwhelmed. 

Sometimes you need a laying low week from everyone (especially since you don't want to spread germs.)  That sums up this week.

Happy weekend everyone-

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Ms Mae said...

HOpe you feel better and it doesn't spread!

My oldest got to go to a cheer camp and gets to "perform" at halftime at our local homecoming. I'm going to try to video it as I'm sure it will be ...interesting?

Have fun decorating. You have to put up pictures. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.