Thursday, October 25, 2012

Digging out

End of the quarter means one thing:

I'm burning the midnight oil to wrap up this semester, grade piles and piles of late work.  Really, a district wide policy that allows for late work for an entire quarter teaches what life skill exactly?

As we wrap up these last two weeks going into the election I want to take every, single blowhard politician who gives lip service to education and junk punch them. 

But first I want them to walk one day in any teacher, any school, any level.  Then they can justify cutting budgets, freezing salaries for years on end, or coming up with ridiculous names like Race to the Top that just demoralize.

If you want real education reform, it starts at home. It takes an enormous investment of time and energy (from everyone) and yes, money.

So to any politician on any level, you want my vote, show me that you value what I do and don't use me for political gain.

ps- Also don't run your campaign out of my mailbox.  If only I could take all that wasted paper used on campaign fliers and use it in the classroom for a useful purpose.

Oh wait, I just did.  I used it to teach propaganda techniques and money spent by special interest groups.      


Beth said...

My biggest disappointment with the Obama administration is his approach to education. IT SUCKS. I hope that he will begin to see the light in the next 4 years. Keep fighting the good fight!

heather v said...

Beth- He has (or has pushed Congress) to help lessen some of the inflexibility of No Child Left Behind. The basis behind Race to the Top is good, i.e much needed money in the form of block grants to the states, just the strings attached are my issue.

My biggest beef with both candidates is the "everyone loves teachers" mentality but when push comes to shove Education becomes a back burner issue once the election is over.

In NC the General Assemby has made some terrible, terrible money wasting decisions headed by both Democrats and Republicans. Giving more say so (and a blank check) to the states often comes at a price.

It all starts with good parenting at home, and sadly this is something no one can control (or make a campaign issue!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do to teach today's youth what a good citizen looks like. Love you dear friend! Katie L.