Friday, October 19, 2012

A conversation with our daycare provider

Ms. Amy- Wow Ian you have TWO incident reports today, what happened to you (this as Ian hands her the two injury reports I've just signed)

Ian- "I fall down outside, I hit head on water fountain. I drink all water, no more"

Ms. Amy- I think Ian may get the award for most incident reports ever by a child at PCA.  You  (talking to Ian) always are such a happy boy, even when you have a big boo boo

Heather- "you know at one point I wondered if he had that disease where you can like cut your hand off and not know it. I know he doesn't but he regularly busts it at home and just keeps going strong, pointing to the bandaid on his head from hitting the brick fireplace earlier in the week."

Ms. Amy-"I'm sure having a big brother at home has toughened him up"

Heather- "yes, two of their favorite games to play are called BULL TAG and TACKLE DOWN"

Ms. Amy- "Oh my, you have your hands full."

Heather- "Understatement of the year" (thinking to myself that at pick-up just minutes earlier, Ben had a red day and also was reprimanded for throwing rocks at a school window in the after school program.)

On a totally different note two of Ian's favorite things to do are read books and puzzles.  Both are great when he needs something to help him focus and calm down. The other night he pulled out one of Ben's old 30 piece puzzles and managed to do most of it while I was making dinner. 

On another note, we are being seen later today for the appointment.  Regardless of how this treatment plays out, I know that what I am doing in THIS moment is all I can do. I have to focus on where he is today at age six and not play out worst case scenarios.

Thanks for ongoing support in the good fight. 

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Darcy said...

Good conversation with Ian Ms.Amy.