Thursday, October 18, 2012

Insert Profanity Here

This is goning be a short (ish) post for 2 reasons.

1. I have a test over 3 branches of government to write, 17 students to contact parents over grades and/or behavior, then document and then write up to administration, as well as very large stack of grading.  All of this before tomorrow and oh I still have 75% of the day left to teach. 

2.  Yesterday I lost a 25 page document and had to re-create it from scratch.

I'll throw in a 3rd.. I really don't want to write anything else at this point.

The back story is we are meeting tomorrow with a therapist for Ben's evaluation for ADHD management.  We do not want to postpone this visit as we got not so great news at a recent pediatrician visit plus we have been waiting to get in to be seen already.  She requested that we send some documentation a couple of days before for her to review.

Enter in the developmental history to be completed before this visit.  Think the movie Back to School when Rodney Dangerfield has only one question to answer on the final exam, but it had like 72 parts. 

This describes this document.  It has sections A-L each with around 20-40 specific questions.  These questions are uber detailed and frankly having to write the phrase, "history of suicide on paternal side" is not fun to write once, better yet a 2nd time. Seriously, I wanted to cry when I recounted some of the most difficult parts of raising Ben as well as recount my own background in the unfun.   

I've been working on my part (each parent has to do a separate evaluation) for the better part of a week.  Yesterday I was editing and was within maybe 10 mins of sending to be reviewed.

Horror or horrors when I send myself a final copy to keep and find that the majority of the document is gone.  After looking in every place I know and also can assure you I was saving regularly, I call Bill.  He offers to come home so you can only guess how the conversation went down.

He spent at least 2 hours pulling out the stops to find the edited finished document.  He used to run the computer labs at our (yes, small) college so when he declares that he has no logical reason why it is gone and I must start over, I trust he is right.

Insert profanity here.   

Luckily Ben was having a good night and by 8 pm I had gotten both to bed (Bill was making up lost time from work.) and I started trying to recreate what had taken an estimated 15-20 hours of time to draft. 

Bill finished his part and it was sent around 4:15 this morning and felt like a shell of the original version. No word yet if she will have time to fully review and we can keep the appointment. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, would you as well?


LauraC said...

I literally felt like puking when I saw your Facebook update last night. That document was SO FREAKING HARD to write and put together. One night I couldn't sleep until 3AM, bc it just put every single behavior under a microscope. And of course, all the parenting decisions along the way too, felt like I had to justify it all.

Anyway the good news is that once they get the questionnaire, they spend time walking through all their questions with you. This can take multiple appointments. So even if you don't have it documented, the information will come up at the meetings and you can discuss it. So I would say don't stress as much.

I was also worried about all the back story stuff but she didn't have any questions about it at all. And you know I used to be CRAZY TOWN!

Beth said...

"Insert profanity here"--that's the understatement of the century. I'm so, so, so sorry. It's a cruel insert-profanity-here kind of world sometimes. Thinking of you and fingers crossed. Hugs! (Want me to write the 3 branches of government test? I at least got the leg branch covered.LOL)

Gillian said...

Man, that sucks. I hope all goes well tomorrow - will be thinking of you guys.