Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Weekend Part 1- Scarecrow Bill

There is a forthcoming picture of our front porch, decked out in Halloween lights, pumpkins a plenty, hay bales, and our most recent addition, a scarecrow Bill.

Saturday was gorgeous here in NC, sunny high of 70 with no humidity.  I took the boys to one of my favorite places in Raleigh, Logan's Trading Post.  If local and you have never been go either in Spring or Fall to buy plants. 

Not only are you supporting a a great local business they have a super yummy cafe for lunch.  Go for the marinated carrots and homemade soups, both are hands down both worth the trip. The kids loved the frequent trains that passed by, especially Ian who was screaming, "my choo choo" at the top of his lungs for everyones lunchtime enjoyment. 

First up the bounce house, hay dig for candy, then pumpkin painting. Then on to the big kahuna and the real reason I wanted to go, to make a scarecrow.  Bill offered some too big clothes and in theory a scarecrow Bill seemed to be a good idea. 

****Note to self- Next year make a scarecrow boy or even baby and it took an enormous amount of hay and newspaper to stuff a 3x shirt!****

One massive splinter in mom's hand later, and Ben had all but finished up and was trying to take a bag of hay home for his project box. 

I did set my foot down at the idea of hay in my kitchen, thinking of some horrid episode of Trading Spaces where they glued hay to the kitchen walls.  Instead he took home extra twine and cardboard. 

Final result was a very proud Ben and a perfect addition to our porch rocking chair. 

Next up tomorrow, part 2 of our weekend. Deep fried goodness at the NC State Fair!

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