Thursday, March 22, 2012

Your 3 Minutes

Yesterday Her Bad Mother threw out the 3 minute list. All things if you had 3 whole minutes to yourself not schlepping children, fixing something, dealing with the everyday.. you get the picture.

I gotta steal her #5 Sniff the kids hair and just revel for a few minutes, in the delicious smell of them

Thinking on what I have done in 3 minute segments this week that brought joy into my life

-Watched and re watched this Mad Men Trailer for the Season 5 premiere Sunday. Gotta get my Don Draper fix and girl crush on Joan on after 17 long months wihtout.

-Checked out a new tapas joint online for dinner this weekend. Do they have a cheese plate? Decision made.

-Tried on those 4 cute dresses metioned earlier this week. Loving shopping. LOVE IT.

-Bought a pair of gladiator sandals to go with the maxi dress to be bought in the near future.

-Checked out cute skirts from Boden. I love anything listed with "fun" in the garment title. Doesn't everyone need a fun skirt?

-Made appointments for a massage, waxing, mani/pedi on Monday. Taking the whole day pre-surgery to volunteer at Ben's school, have lunch with him, and then some pre surgery pampering.

-Added books to my library queue and Netflix streaming. Plans to watch season one of Boardwalk Empire, try Dexter (again), season 2 of Weeds, as well as Gray's Anatomy while horizontal bound.

-Planned what plants I want to put on my porch. Blooming azaleas match the porch cushions I just purchased. May make a run for fern invasion this weekend.

-Extra books read at night with the kids and savored laying in bed talking a few extra minutes with Ben. Even got to rock Ian for about 3 mins before he squirmed.

-Drew chalk pictures on the driveway with Ian.

-Sat on my front porch and watched a storm come over the horizon.

-Made homemade blueberry muffins for the boys.

What about you? What would make your 3 minute list?

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