Friday, March 9, 2012

here all week folks

Thanks folks for your supportive comments here as well as privately.

It has been a long week. Understatement. In addition to the ongoing behavior issues we are trying to close my mom's probate estate case. I wish I could escape where no one can find me for a couple of days.

To wrap up this ick week how about some funny?

A recent Dollar Tree trip revealed the following finds.

I had just commented, "how crappy of an author are you if your work sells for a $1. Just who would buy these jems of literary genius?"

Guilty. Me

Or how about this? The look on the cashier's face was classic as he uttered, "are you going to use this?" Me: "Never underestimate the power of Snoop Dogg."

Both will be put back for a White Elephant gift exchange which I LOVE to host.

Then I discovered these:

Remember Designer Impostors Body Spay? Want to admit you owned some in the 6th grade?

Sadly the motherload was the discovery that Dollar Tree carries Turkey Creek BBQ porkrinds.

Holy mother I am in hog heaven. Literally.

My friend that was with me walked away with less than 5 dollar purchase. Me: over $30including freeze ahead pans and Easter basket fillers.

Were you thinking I spent $30 on pork rinds?

Here all week folks, next show surely not to disappoint. While I know I shouldn't quit my day job, you know I gotta find some funny where I can find it.

Our weekend plans include a Kite festival, more mulching for trip money, helping tag and bag for a church wide yard sale and help with a food truck rodeo Kenya Fundraiser.

Not familiar with the Food Truck Rodeo? Think state fair food trailers but with more than fried Twinkies.

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