Monday, March 5, 2012

Special Delivery

Look what made the trip from 105 Clay Street, Easley SC

Look what was inside the piano bench: Tons of my old practice books including Henry the Cat, my first every recital piece. Check out that 5 year old signature (and inside Hello Kitty Stickers.) The fact that most of the music was marked up with my mom's handwriting brought a smile to my face.

See who banged all over the keys with a smile on his face.

See how much it means to have one of the best memories of my mom now in my home.

My mom taught piano starting when she was pregnant with me in the fall of 1974 and continued until only a few years before her death. For my entire time growing up I heard scores of students learning to play.

From 3-8 pm Monday through Thursday, our house was filled with kids hanging out drinking Green Kool-aid playing Pitfall with us while waiting on their siblings to finish.

I took from kindergarten until I was a Junior in high school. Sharing a love of music with my mom is one of my best memories of her. While rusty, sitting and playing for Ben and Ian and then later for myself made me realize that the band (or the piano) plays on even in her absence.

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Kim said...

So nice to have a piece of your mom there with you.