Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to spend over $600 in Old Navy in under 15 minutes

The plan was after dinner Saturday night to hit the stock up sale for kids clothes and *maybe* check out the clearance for some new wardrobe items.

So just how in around 20 mins did I clear over 600 bucks?

1. Have filled two carts with items thrown in at lighting speed
2. Be buying two sizes in hopes post surgery the smaller fits
3. Really want some cute dresses and skirts for spring/summer
4. Have a melting down toddler
5. Strong armed the 5 year old from putting all the balls and lunchboxes in the cart when I wasn't looking
6. Need to buy shorts, shirts, and swimsuits for Ben and fill in the holes for Ian
7. Get stopped in the checkout line by an old student on college spring break leaving me no time for a presort of the carts.

Plans for a massive post surgery try-on session and a even bigger return but in the meantime look what I scored. So hopes one of these dresses fit in about a month.

Extra points if the halter makes the cut.

Extra, Extra points that only 1 black shirt was among the lot.

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