Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fire Marshal Ben

Overheard as we went through Ben's Friday Bag:

"tell me about this picture, what are you doing?"

"I am yelling to get out of our burning house"

"is that Ian? are you helping him get out?" (thinking Ian looks like a doll or a midget version of Ben)

"yes, I'm helping him because he was crying"

"also mom I helped Vegas put on a dog mask to breath

"That is wonderful you are helping Ian when he was scared. Did you know that dad bought a special ladder that we could escape through a window from his office if we couldn't go down the stairs?

Do you think you could help us draw a plan for our family that has 2 routes out?"

"So Ben I do have one question, where are mom and dad in this picture?"

"You already are outside, I was in the bathroom when the fire started and was pooping"

"Ben, you know that if we had a fire we would make sure you and Ian got out, along with Vegas, even if you were in the bathroom"

Great parenting moment realizing your kid thinks you would leave him behind in a burning house, esp because he stopped to poop.

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Kim said...

That is great! I hope he never has to poop during a fire or he is on his own!