Friday, March 2, 2012

Want to See it, Read it, Do it, Taste,It, Wear it- March Edition

And once again we had another night of fun at Casa Vinson. First up: firetrucks at after school pickup. Sadly the first thought was I hope Ben didn't set the school on fire. Actually no, but he did kick someone in the crotch. How this was not a write up when pushing a backpack across a table defies reason.

Double Secret probation for the entire weekend and we are are keeping him home next Friday for a field trip if he can't pull it together. Yes there was lots, and lots, and lots of crying last night. I even made a student cry yesterday. I felt like a total winner by end of day.

So on to March. Once again I feel like getting stuff done by March 27 surgery is my target.

Here's the short list of some things on my radar:

See it: Hunger Games. I need no other words to describe how much I want to see this cornucopia of awesomeness. Maybe even up for a midnight showing on opening night. Take that Bill Vinson, king of midnight showings (even bad movies).

Taste it: Want to discover a new tapas restaurant since my fav Red Room has closed :(

Need to have a child-free meal in peace before surgery is on my short list. Also under taste it is replenishing my freezer stock over the month since Pam is not able to fly uppost surgery. Last weekend freezer session produced 4 new things to try.

Wear it: Super short mall trip in which I might have had .912 sec on the way to replace even more damn pants for Ben to look for myself. He's back to only wanting to wear "swishy" athletic pants. NO jeans so a pair lasts only a few weeks. Thank GOD for Sears Kid Advantage program that replaces them in the same size for free. These people are losing money on the Vinson family. Totally stealing a few hours for some post surgery shopping.

Read it: Sadly after restarting book club book twice I am giving up. It's even history related on something I care about and I just can't get past 75 pages. Back to the library it is going. On the amazing you should read it list: the super compact and visually delicious We the Animals by Justin Torres. At 125 pgs I read in a couple of hours and loved it so much I reread it again. Also on the short list is Michael Ian Black's new book You're Not Doing It Right. Just check out this online review.

Being a long-standing fan of MIB, i knew this book wouldn't disappoint. Got the kindle version this morning and have been doing a power-read. Insightful, funny and smart humor that has many well-stitched emotions and stories. If you're willing to access those dark pockets of your mind thinking about your kids, spousal insanity and taking a good hard look at yourself this book is for you. I'm just about done and really am enjoying it. On a side note, I'm glad i am not the only one who had the same reaction to a lame-ass Creed song. *What a relief * Get the book...If you're one of those Oprah book club types, you might want to stick with something else. Allow me to pretend to be an English teacher for 2 seconds and rate this book a solid "A".

Dilemma: Get it now or save it for post surgery, drug filled days laying on the couch? Thinking high on Oxycontin would make what I'm sure if going to rival "Taco Party" on a whole new level the best part of another non-showering recovery.

Do it: Lots to do to get classes pulled together for another couple of week absence. I got my favorite bad ass sub known lovingly as Big D that teachers love and kids hate for her sarcastic and take no prisoners attitude. Perfect for my drama filled children while I'm gone.

Really and truly on the do it list is raising money for Kenya. Almost every day after school this week I've been pulling weeds in anticipation for weekend 1 of MULCHURA. Hello spreading mulch in nearby neighborhoods to raise money like a fool weekends all month. I'm even personally doing some other teachers' yards down near school after work for donations.

Happy March and even happier to get to final surgery on the 27th.

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