Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Got So Much More Than 6 Feet Under

How about 20ft?

Last night our team saw pictures of the community effort in progress starting the clean water project in Michura, Kenya.

Before the construction teams arrive this summer a giant 20 foot deep rainwater collection pit has to be dug as well as the trench lines leading to a water purification station.

Hello grassroots effort on a crazy large scale.

I spent most of Saturday helping spread multiple dumptrucks of mulch in the nasty, cold rain as part of a group fundraiser. Minus one taco truck stop it might have been some of the hardest manual work I've ever done. I most likely will be revisiting that statement by end of summer.

A couple of weeks ago I got approval to get my fundraising letter out. I actually hate soliciting monetary support, especially in a icky economy when just filling your gas tank fills like mission work. As the former philanthropy chair for my college sorority as well as lots of fundraising as National Honor Society advisor, I can do it and hopefully convincingly.

I'm putting out my letter today, disguised as a pop quiz from your local social studies teacher. I also created a Facebook Event page and am using the hashtag #can-heather-dig-it?

I don't plan to beg friends for support. Support me if you want, join my event if you want, follow me if interest. I won't lie I have a LONG way to go to get to my $3500 cost of the trip and any donation is appreciated. The letter contains an online link for donation as well as tax reciept.

More importantly I hope you will support this effort by just being interested. All hopes to share stories and pictures of just what support whether monetary or just your good thoughts are doing thousands of miles away.

I'm not a super churchy God person and the last thing I want in asking for support equates pushing religion on you. Yes, this is a religous backed trip and will involve visiting the village churches. More importantly this trip is about bring the most simple but vital resource, clean water, to families just like mine and yours.

I'm also linking the the non-profit 410 Bridge's effort in Kenya. I am crazy inspired by what they are doing and hope you will be too.


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