Friday, March 23, 2012

Like a 1 Armed Wallpaper Hanger

Insanely, crazy busy day ahead as I am determined to NOT darken the doors of work over the weekend. Minor meltdown yesterday when I found out my sub had been reassigned.

All good now, but it took old school panic (and then tears) to get everything back. What does Tina Fey says about crying in the workplace? Save it for when you need a trump card.

By end of day I will have 2 weeks of sub plans ready to roll, mid term grades posted and no plans to be back a day before April 9th.

Nothing crazy on tap this weekend other than mulching for Michua $ again and plans to do a trip to Pullen Park with the family on Sunday. Thinking porch fern invasion is also on tap. That and that I have tickets to see Ira Glass. Super excited to see him again, esp in light of the retraction of the high profile Apple Story.

I promised not to rush the stage and humiliate myself or anyone with me by end of night. Ripping open my shirt to reveal, "IRA 4eva" painted on my chest is still not out of the question.

I gotta give these ridiculously large boobs a send off, right?

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Beth said...

Last line had me spitting out my tea. You're hysterical! Thinking about you this weekend. Sounds like you have all of your ducks in a row. Hope your weekend is relaxing and entertaining!