Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Wagon Train Kind of Gal

Everything went well yesterday at pre op. Most of all the instructions are the same for after-care and minus having four drains over two post surgery.

At the beginning of the discussion he was hesitant to perform these two procedures together, a breast reduction and a thigh lift, due to the time under anesthesia. Both are around 4 hours and as all surgery is performed in the surgical suite in office on a same day basis, 6 hours is the maximum that he normally is comfortable performing.

We talked over breaking into two specific procedures and doing two recoveries over one. I was adamate that I really want to be finished and would rather have a longer, harder recovery than two more to contend with planning for kids, my recoup, Bill's time off from work.

After a long discussion and going over each procedure he believed that I could do them both together, given the understanding that I am going to have to be out for at least 2 weeks with the strong possibility of 3. Being at home with limited activity was mandatory. No putting up Christmas decorations in the attic this time (Bill ratted me out for pushing it in December.)

At one point he said, "you are a wagon train kinda of gal, and knowing how you came through the first surgery I know if anyone can pull off this recovery you can."

Seriously, a wagon train kind of gal? I've been referred to as many things, but this was a first. I'll take it as a compliment on some level that as surgeries go that my main goal going into this final step of weight loss is being achieved in part to tenacity or maybe my stubbornness.

Not that I am going for some type of award, rather I just want to be done. We did before pictures and looked at the scar healing. All is looking good and yes I did take a quick look at the before comparison and couldn't believe it was the same body.

In the end I just need to keep my panic that something is going to go wrong at bay, trusting that I am in good hands and in the end doing all of this was my call.

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Beth said...

That's awesome! (Wagon train kind of a gal.) You're one tough cookie. Been thinking of you and will keep you in my thoughts.