Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini Race and Mac Daddy Race

The pox on the house of Vinson is starting to lift. Laying low did us all good this weekend. As the boys were feeling good by Saturday morning and Bill's cold was better we opted to go ahead and run the 1 mile family fun run as part of the Cary Road Race.

Luckily the rain held off long enough for us set Ian's stroller decked out in balloons, a happy birthday banner, and the birthday boy himself in a cute ONE onsie. It was everything I had hoped for to meet Mondo Goal #32. Ben was overly excited to be racing and we let pull ahead in the last .25 mile so he could cross the finish line first.

He was beside himself to be the winner over the rest of the Vinson clan.

Up next was Bill's first 1/2 marathon. Last year he ran his first race, the Raleigh Rocks 5k, same race this year just the 1/2 option. Wow what a year to now have 4 5ks and now a 1/2 under his belt. Afterwards I arranged for him to use up part of a massage package I had purchased. I took the kids and met up with a friend so he could return to a quiet house and crash.

Last year I was a sobbing mess watching him cross the finish line in what now seems like a million (miles) away. In part due to being 38 weeks prego and also the sheer excitment for him. No tears this year, just a quiet undersanding that this is a new normal for us. The one where we now have a Go Mommy/Daddy Go sign that is traveling from race to race.

Have sign, will travel :)

Somewhere overheard in the last 48 hours how crazy would be be to do Vegas 1/2 marathon for our 40th birthdays together?

Crazy thoughts? Or just the start of something bigger?!?


Melissa said...

I'm so proud and excited for you both!!! You must do the Vegas 1/ know people who would be up for the challenge with you :)

LauraC said...

WOO HOO! Congratulations to both of you!

Katrina said...

You guys have a really great partnership - I always see you blogging about how you always take the kids or watch the kids so that your husband can go do his runs or go home and relax! Make sure you get that time reciprocated for your runs, too!

You'd do great at a half marathon - you just have to have the mindset. I think running half marathons have become the new "bucket list" or thing to do for people. Maybe it will shift to swimming next year :) Go for it though - it would be a great couple event for you!

Glad you all are feeling better, too! I knew you all would!
Take care! Pax!

Ms Mae said...

Glad everyone was able to do their races this weekend!

I love the idea of you guys doing a 1/2 in Vegas together. I agree with Melissa that other Move It challangers might be willing to join you guys. I've been debating doing it just cause I have a friend who lives there....and who doesn't like Vegas ;)

As for running before work my 1/2 training schedule wanted a 5k this weekend and that one fit in. My colleagues thought I was crazy too but it was good to do it and know my workout was done for the day!

Katrina said...

I totally didn't want you think that your decision for running a race/half marathon with your hubs was "cliched" at all - I was just generalizing about how much running has been in the news - everywhere!! I still am amazed at how many people are getting into running and races - from the barefoot phenomenon (Vibram) and even my bro-in-law is suddenly raising money to do a relay trail run here outside of DC. He never runs (and has bad knees!) I say, if you want to run and enjoy it - "Go for it!" :) I think it's great that people are catching the "running fever" - cliched or not! I just thought I'd let you know! I'm sure as heck not the judge of anyone, and no one should have to give reasons as to why they love to run or run a race, if you want to and you enjoy it - that's what matters, right? Right! I'm really glad that you are expanding your horizons!

Take care always!