Tuesday, April 12, 2011


You might want to remind me that I did willingly ask for what's coming in the next 6 weeks and likely summer when I am stressed out and whining.

As of yesterday morning we have a realtor after the barrage of potential agents in the last week. By Sunday afternoon on the 8th agent I swear I could have recited all the features of our home by heart. It felt like a Christmas pageant with everyone gunning to be Baby Jesus.

We went with an eerily looking agent to Phil Dunphy of Modern Family. He seemed to really know this area, didn't blow sunshine about what we needed to do to list in a crappy market, in general exuded a higher level of professionalism. Please no comparisons to Phil and his words of wisdom or the fact that he plays a freakin' realtor on the show. Something tells me Phil COULD NOT sell a katsup popsicle to a lady in while gloves unlike the perception of our agent.

Bill and I over the weekend came up with our big, ginormous list of room to room decluttering plan. We are taking ownership over zones of the house with a deadline of May 30th to have everything cleaned out, packed up, and extra moved to a rental storage unit.

I'll be honest while we don't live like packrats we do just have a lot of STUFF after 10 years, 2 kids, pets in this house. We also set up a budget for improvements as well as a moratorium on all non necessary spending.

I will be gone later this month for almost a week and then in Florida for another week in late May. My hope is Bill can use the time to tackle some of the bigger jobs sans noise/kids/general level of nuts in the house. Our goal is to knock out the punch list of items to be done to be market ready by June 1st.

So yes to an insane, crazy next 6 weeks. While I hope we can sell by end of summer as well as be moving before Ben starts school or within the first months, I also know that we may be here another 6 months to a year based on the current market.

The reality is we SHOULD have started this in January, but we didn't. To take advantage of the best season of the year to show our house (ie. screened in porch, outside yard, plants in full bloom) we don't want to bypass the summer. At least we finally are moving on this long standing goal instead of complaining that we are on top of each other in this 1400 square paradise (make that 1600 once we get the unfinished bonus permitted).

So help me God if anyone shows up looking like this guy A REAL IMAGE FROM A LOCAL REALTOR's site (luckily, none that we interviewed), I am running scared.


Ms Mae said...

LOL. We thought about selling our house. We've had it for 3 years and are in disbelief about how much CRAP we have accumulated so I can't even imagine how much stuff you get in 10 years!!!!!

We decided to just add stuff to make it more "ours" rather than sell....i.e. detashed garage/shop for hubbies stuff and hardwood/tile floors for me :)

Having never sold a house I have no advice other than happy packing and good luck! :)

Thanks for your thoughts on the gym with a daycare. We have one here in town and when I am officially done with the state job and over to just the new job I am thinking of going there. I'm not sure if I'll have the motivation to do 90 minutes like you *crazy lady* but am good for 30-45 :)

BTW - I'm slowley creeping up on your hubby for miles....he better watch out ;)

Katrina said...

Oh man - I just wrote an uber long comment and Blogger gave me an "error request". DARN YOU BLOGGER!

I hear you completely about packing and moving. Military wife. It's all I know :( This summer I'll be in the same boat as you (except we rent) and our lease is up early - with us still here for a little less than a year - so we're going to try and find a different place in a bigger city to live - just for the meantime. Which means - summer spent looking for houses :)

And thanks for the "bucket list" comment - I feel like if I make a comment about running - everyone who runs assumes I'm talking about them, and I'm really not - and I didn't mean for it to come across in a snobby way :) I'm probably the biggest "helper" there is about running tips - and I forget that not everyone wants advice sometimes :) But thank you for your sweet comment. Keep on running outside - it really makes a difference in your whole body. I've noticed more muscle definition in my body since running outside - so it will pay off!!!!