Tuesday, April 19, 2011

99 Words and We are Road Tripin’

To follow up with on the uber long post of yesterday to one of the SHORTEST ever:

FINALLY got power back last night. Lost my fridge and part of my freezer but STILL so very glad for the extent of our damage.

Pray for us around 8 am. Heading to the beach with long time friends and kids. Think 4 boys under 8, think there will be chocolate and wine consumed to counteract the testosterone overload.

While I do have work each day with power I am caught up from the weekend. I have all any and all reasons to be outside, enjoying the beach, watching the V boys take on the P boys. Simply enjoying a break from the past few weeks of (un)fun. Perfect Timing.

I will be heading on Friday to SC for Easter weekend. Back Monday friends.


Katrina said...

Hope you have a LOVELY time with your friends and a blessed Easter!!!!

Happy Easter!

Take care,

Ms Mae said...

Hope you had a great trip and are now enjoying being home!