Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have Testosterone, Will Travel

Back from the beach, back from Easter weekend at my moms. Back to electricity and a big pile of school work, getting the house on the market in 4 weeks, life in general. I have a feeling my May is going to be a one way ticket to crazy town.

My friend Chrissy and I have been talking about doing a beach trip for the better part of 2 years. Like many ideas we have involving corralling the 4 boys between us it just hasn't happened. Chrissy and I met 10 years ago when our husbands were working at the first of FOUR (yes four) companies they have since worked together. It's a bad joke now that where one goes the other follows.

So after a 4 hour late start (image someone equal to or later than me), a van packed to the gills with beach stuff, boys stuff, baby stuff, mom stuff, snacks, video games, and yes actually children we headed to the beach for a 2 night stint in her mom's rental house.

We took turns driving, taking kids to the bathroom on pit stops, answering work phone calls for both our jobs, talking to husbands who were at one point going to do a guys trip to Kings Dominion amusement park (note this did not happen), making food, feeding kids, bathing kids en masse, collapsing into a margarita haze once said boys were in bed.

Once there we took turns keeping the crazies at bay, convinced children that the beach was more exciting than video games (major glimpse into life with elementary aged boys), walked on the pier, ate seafood, played at the park, and chased Ian who took to the beach like a fish to water.

Seriously this kid was born to live at a beach in cut offs and flip flops in his future life. Nothing phased him, not the sand, the water, the relentless "fun" the older boys had digging a hole and putting him in or covering him in sand, or dragging him on a float. This list goes on that he loved every minute and is telling of our summer plans including 2 beach trips.

By Thursday afternoon we packed up, took the boys on the ferry and headed home. But... what trip wouldn't be without some need for material to write a comedy set.

Enter an hour once on the road with 4 hangry children who all need to go to the bathroom. Enter a pundunk-ville one stop light town, with a Piggy Wiggly supermarket and Family Dollar as the only options in town for clothes.

Enter into Beaulahville, NC. Someone (like me) said let's stop and sit down to eat. Famous last words, "Hey isn't that a Western Sizzlin' steak house?"

Famous last words and I kid you not this was the place of my childhood with a salad bar that contained non-salad bar options, like fried fat back.

Over an hour later after 4 bathroom trips, 2 baskets of rolls, undoubablty some of the worst food ever consumed, and yes a photo of me trying the fat back later we were on the road home.

Just in time for me to head out 12 hours later for the weekend SC run.

Nice to be back, nice to have electricity again, nice that I am not trapped in a van with 4 boys anytime this week. Nice to have friends that only because of our husbands work did we ever meet but when it comes to the phone it in Moms Club we are charter members.


Carrie77 said...

That looks SO fun. I really need a beach trip right about now :)

Beth said...

Classic awesomeness Heather!Sounds like a blast, fatback and all. LOL.

Ms Mae said...

I would LOVE to go to the beach! Glad it was a great trip!