Friday, April 8, 2011

Phone Photo Friday- A Case of the Mondays times 7

UNCLE Universe. I totally hear you and apologize for ticking you off.

This week has been an example of 7 straight days of SUCK.

As much as I really (no really) try to keep it positive in this space I gotta say this week hands down has been horrible. Just to recap in case you want the litany of Hell.

Sunday- Baby shower is a success minus that I had a full on head cold and sounded like I had been chain smokin' Kools 10 mins before it started. I intentionally tried not to touch any food or stand anywhere around it in hopes of not spreading the misery. I got home and Bill was out the door for a loooong training run for the next 2 1/2 hours.

Took the boys outside, paid Ben $ to pick up sticks and pine cones and Ian played on a blanket. I mistakenly (again) picked up poison ivy after swearing I didn't see if around the same place I got it last year. I tried to stop it Sunday night but alas it was full on by Monday am. Worked until midnight grading and making up the loss of time from LAST weekend in SC. I'm really behind and have been all week. It's midterm, it's push time with 7 weeks left and also spring break for their schools over the next weeks. We don't get a spring break so I feel like I motivating no one.

Monday- Even sicker with the cold and poison ivy. Work all day and make myself go to the gym once I get Ben. As insane as this sounds I take advantage of when I'm sick and not eating much to really work out and bust off weight. I know it's BAD idea. No need to tell me, but I do it every single time because it's always a kick start a plateau. Ian and Ben also have colds but seem to be getting better. Bill is staying far away from all of us to avoid being sick with race day in 6 days.

Tuesday- Repeat of Monday misery, this time with the chore of grocery shopping added after the torrential rain passes. Kids better, my cold is better but poison ivy spreading. I run 3 miles, walk 2 in the afternoon. Feel ok and bail on a nighttime commitment when a work meeting runs way over until almost 9 pm and I feel like crap and not sociable. Realtor visit while Ian was napping so lost time working so I make it up unit 1 am.

Wednesday- Ben had puked in the night, mainly dry heaving and was better by am but keep him home. Ian better, Ben is in time out before 9 am for hitting Ian and talking back to me. Oh brother, looong day ahead. Cold better, but poison ivy is spreading to both arms and to leg. Skip all gym due to kids sickness and walk the neighborhood for the dog. Another 2 Realtors appointments while kids in quiet time. Thought about cancelling but it's late, I give them the upfront about the pox on my house. Loose any work time and work I kid you not until 3 am. SOOOO not a goood plan as I kept falling asleep and having to redo work to get it in by morning deadline.

Thursday- Ben has been puke free 24 hours, seems ok and is jumping off the cough so I take him to school. Another potential realtor dowb, then go see a house in an attempt to start looking at neighborhoods in play. SHOULD have cancelled, but really want to be out of the house as a friend is keeping Ian. Cold almost gone, but poison ivey has now spread to both legs and I'm trying to keep it wrapped up (see pic above). I missed getting Bill's help in wrapping it yesterday and Ben refused when I asked him to hold the end. I wind up using the kitchen counter and it's a mess resulting in more itching all day. NOTE: Ben V will never be a doctor with THAT bedside manner.

Bill comes home early by 5 sick with my cold, pissed about the 1/2 race he's been training for now in jepordory (rightly so). Get the Ben has puked call after lunch. Ian thankfully takes a nap. Ben sleeps then puked all over the couch and floor by 3. Fun. No luck to get an morning Dr appointment for a steroid shot we split the kids and I take the non sick one.

ALSO in the file it under stupid and obstinate, I will do must anything to avoid taking a round of steroids. After having walking pneumonia and packing on a 6 lb weigh gain that SWEAR I still have not lost from steroid treatment, I always try to avoid them. YES I would rather be sick than fat. SO much wrong with that :(

I consider walking the 2 miles to the dr as it's close by and I've now gone 48 hour without exercise and I know the more days I miss the harder it is back. Not a fast walk, but thought I could do it with the jogging stroller. I opt (by some good sense) to drive. We wait 30 mins in which time I run into people I know who are chatty and I am not. Gotta love small town living.

The poison ivy is bad to the point that I am prescribed antibiotics to treat where it got into a cut. The shot really, really hurts. Probably because I was holding a squirming Ian as I forgot the stroller and he was full on wild after all that waiting.

Get home, take the dog out, make something to eat for all concerned. Punt on book club as no one needs to be around me and my walking germ factory self. Grade until after 1am as I missed time again today. We have a front runner on agents and by Monday will be done with this part of the process. Again we are at the point of do this now or wait and miss the window.

Friday- Ben will be home all day, we are staying put, laying on the couch with the puke bucket and Mom working to get caught up. Ian will be Ian into everything. Bill may (I really hope) work from home so he can take a nap and work on getting better and hope upon hope help me with the kids. Uh.. have I had a nap all week, even on the 3 hour of sleep day).Ben puked in his bed about 11 pm, got him cleaned up in time for Ian up near midnight crying but he thankfully is back in bed. He has been sleeping until 6:30 all week. Something positive. Really.

Next week has, has, has to be better. Cary Road race a bust this weekend for me and the boys (very glad this was not my original first race), disappointed but if we can get everyone well by Ian's birthday that is a better goal.

The final realtors and a landscaper coming this weekend. There is a definite post on the intentional speed up but man I tired and going to bed.

Thanks for hanging in there if you are still reading. Give my your address and I'll mail a co pay. Really I will as only someone who really love me or is possibly I would have to pay for the session would hang in there with me.

PS. I love you people for NOT telling me that 1. things can be worse (I know, I don't need the guilt) 2. Working out while really sick is a bad idea 3. not taking a medicine because I fear weight gain is STUPID. Yeah to all so don't say it.

Back Monday with a better attitude, hopful poison ivy free body and no cold/sickness for any family member.

Ugh. UGH times 7


Katrina said...

OH man. . . instead of saying that it *could be worse* - I'd like to say that I *hope it gets better* :) My bro-in-law got poison ivy, and I hope I never EVER meet that plant.

Your plans for Friday, ie: staying put - was exactly what I was going to say. As much as I know you want to keep moving/exercising - it sounds like you need a day to just catch up on everything - and let everything "extra" just wait a day and get your work/grading done. Or just keep the workout in the evening (like a quick jog/walk outside) as a break in between getting your work that you need done. It sounds like you need a major "catch up day!"

As for working out while sick - I've read (over and over) that they (medical) actually *recommend* working out while sick - because it increases your red blood cells - and when sick, that's a good thing! It's when you push BEYOND/or do more than what you normally would do - where it can actually tear your body down, and set you back from getting better. I think in my Running Rules book - its says that unless you have a fever - you can pretty much run through anything (maybe not vomiting. That would be nasty :) If you have a fever - they say DO NOT. Sign of infection and that your body is trying to kill something within. But if it's just a headcold - they say to train/run through it (but not overdo it). SO you aren't crazy for wanting to keep moving while sick! I've always ran while sick - and it actually makes me feel better - and get better faster! I just try not to overdo it.

Your husband, as much as it would suck being sick for a trained race - just has gotta deal. Sorry. I feel bad for him - but catching something like that - is just a fact of life. You shouldn't feel bad for it either. If he's trained, he should be fine. Unless he's fighting a fever! Try running a race with a period AND a cold. That'll make him feel a TON better. If it is a cold - just take a bunch of zinc/Vit C and drink a bunch of fluids (and rest, actually) that's about all you can do! It's not your fault - he could have had the flu bug days before you thought he caught it - and not from you!

As for small town living - I miss it. I'd trade it in a heartbeat.

Here's something I thought you'd like for days (or weeks) that feel like HELL:

"Anyway, I'm sort of glad they've got the atomic bomb invented. If there's ever another war, I'm going to sit right the hell on top of it. I'll volunteer for it, I swear to God I will." ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye,
(saw your book in the picture - such a great novel!)

Take care - and hope your weekend makes it all better!

Beth said...

I'm completely commiserating while LOL. Even though I know nothing about your week has been funny. I hope that once Bill finishes his race, he can give you some much-needed time for yourself. My one thought after reading your post was "Thank God she isn't still going to try to run the Cary Road Race!" But this from the girl who doesn't exercise . . .

LauraC said...

Okay I have to laugh at Beth's comment about Bill giving you a break after running his half on Sunday. HA! Having run many halfs, my butt stays ON THE COUCH the rest of the day bc running 13 miles is exhausting. Hope Bill gets better enough in time to do it. Believe me when I say I've been there, had to cancel FOUR races the first two years of the boys' lives because of illness.

Hope next week is better. It has to be right??? ANd also we should talk about whether or not to bump family pics if you are still covered in poison ivy.

Ms Mae said...

Ick. What a horrible week. Here's hoping next week is better!

As for being a mainly stay at home mom.....well....I'm working both jobs plus my private business right now *I'm actually typing this as I procrastinate finishing up an assessment*. I am CRAZY busy and put in 37 hours between Thurs/Friday. All I can think is only two more weeks and the insanity ends....or begins depending on how you look at it ;)

Also. HTH do you get in 90 minutes per day of exercise? If I have both girls I'm lucky to get in the first 10 minutes of a workout video before they get clingy and wanting attention!