Friday, April 29, 2011

Bring it April, and I DID!

Monthly round up and baby I was on fire.

1. Keep the good thing going on the whole sleep and work thing. Minus this post SC run/loss of the weekend this week catch up I have been averaging 6... wait for it... sometimes 7 hours a night. I feel awesome.

2. Cary Road Race. DONE! Only folks running with a decked out stroller with balloons and streamers.

3. Celebrate Ian's first birthday. That kid loves some cake I tell you. Simple, family, perfect way to celebrate my now Toddler. Sniff, Sniff. Don't make me regret that we are done and I am letting the 3 in the freezer go end of year. Remind me of the odds and insanity of triplet possibility.

4. Ben's 5th party booked and it doesn't require adults in swimsuits. Score. All bets off for next year in a post surgery body!

5. Family Pictures at Duke Gardens. Jon-jon induced cuteness guaranteed. Be still my heart these pictures are breathtaking. Need to post some favs now that I think about it.

6. Book spa treatments for summer sorority reunion at the Grove Park Inn. DONE and Heatha Hendricks will be breakin' it down all weekend with drink in hand by the pool.

7. Continue logging min 20 miles or 300 mins per week. Minus a big zippo last week between the beach to SC run I'm over 300 miles. Starting 30 Day shred on Monday because I am insane and also on the days I don't make the gym I won't feel as bad (literally)

8. One new date night idea with Ben and one with Bill. NOPE on Bill, plans for Hangover 2 in May with a sitter for the kids. One Ben date night did include the Monster Jam Truck show aka "Can I get those 90 mins of my life back." Actually I admit I loved it and cat called like the SC resident in hiding I am.

9. Another SC run. Done until drive through on the way to Florida next month. I pulled out all the stops for a nice Easter for my mom. Repayment will be spending first ever mothers day with my boys only.

10. Get going on the getting out of the house goal. Realtor on board, landscaper starting monday, waiting on a final estimate between two contractors for the inside work.

May is going to be INSANE. Warning now that you might want to keep your distance as we finish the whole house clean out, deal with interior work, outside work and then list. Oh and it's the end of Ben's school and the final 30 day push for my students who are all under the gun to finish or not graduate.

Not stressful at all I tell you. At least there is a Florida road trip at the end.


Ms Mae said...

Fantastic job!

You've inspired me....look for May Goals over on Just Living....closer to May ;)

LauraC said...

Seriously, I thought I was going to nervous breakdown in the weeks leading up to putting our house on the market. For reals. Good luck with May :)