Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Most Worthy of its own Theme Song

~Heather: The only person I know with her own theme song. Ok, so that was in the sorority days but she's funny enough to deserve one. Heather is another of my sorority sisters whom I have reconnected over a shared love of Disney. She came to it kicking and screaming, but she's a fan now nonetheless. I was delighted when our travel dates overlapped and we were able to meet up for tea at the Grand Floridian.

Such was the intro from my friend's Disney blog earlier this week on the 1 yr anniversary recapping some of the guest posts.

She nailed me to a T I tell you. Yes I really did (still do if you were to read Fb comments from old college friends) have a theme song. Complete with a dance and obnoxious lyrics best belted out room to room in our sorority house by Shon, Stacy, or Amy K.

Those were the days, right. It got me thinking about the evolution of friendships, esp in light of how easy it takes Ben to find a playground playmate. I've been lucky to have had a great group of girlfriends in high school that I literally grew up with from preschool on. We all keep up through Fb and have managed to see on another at least yearly in passing through on the way to SC.

Speed forward to college and I joined a sorority, much to most anyone's surprise. I'm NOT a sorority girl (wait, I do have a 3rd generation silver pattern and do own some monogrammed earrings, does that count?) But, in general I'm not what you would think of as a Delta, Delta, Delta can I help ya kinda girl. I namely joined to make friends. And I did with my pledge class, non-sorority roommates that I later lived off campus with for 2 years, and believe it or not also an ex of Bill's from freshman year.

I am looking forward to a sorority reunion this July at the Grove Park Inn with my old friends for a weekend of spa treatments, good food/drink, sitting by a pool with drink in hand sans kids for 48 hours.

This weekend the above author who so perfectly pegged me is going to be in Raleigh so we are getting our families together. Her family has recently moved to NC about 2 hours away and is making their first trip to Raleigh. Fun to show off my home for the last 12 years.

The evolution of friendships over time to now adult friendships both in person and those we keep up online does take effort. An effort to make sure that the relationships don't get relegated to the back burner in place of kids, spouses, work. All the things that I personally can talk myself into being more important rather than taking the time needed to catch up.

As an ESTJ personally I need to be out and about and around others. I know that when I don't make it a priority, then the walls start to close in. This morning I'm getting together with a friend who I taught with a decade ago, we reconnected at another school be both wound up teaching. We both happened to be off with new babies this past year so things kinda fell into place.

We've been trying to walk at a local park once a week when we can manage to get out of the house. Today, we are heading to Logan's for plants and a midday outside lunch while the babies play. Nice to have a reason to have on earrings and maybe if she's lucky makeup too.

Oh, did I mention that my sweet Ian will be ONE tomorrow. Not possible that a whole year has passed. I actually got a little choked up when someone saw us yesterday and asked me if he was my youngest. Yes the youngest and always my baby, even at 18 when he is most likely going to be 6 feet and all boy. Sniff.. SO not possible tomorrow.


Katrina said...

I love that you have a theme song! I think mine would be a Christmas theme song - I'm always singing holiday tunes - even in the middle of July :) I blame my roots in North Dakota!

As for friendships - I wish it were as easy as when in Kindergarten (or how dogs get along so easy in a dog park!) My entire grade school through high school was just a mess. I remember my sophomore year, just waking up one day - realizing I didn't need the ups and downs of walking into school and wondering who heard something from someone else who heard it from someone else, and if I was going to walk down that hallway being HATED for the day, or if it was going to be a better day - and someone might actually talk to me. It got tiring. So I stopped calling/hanging out with friends. College - I just worked a lot and hung out with old library ladies - and they were the best/smartest friends (second Mom's actually) I ever had (and still have). My students I had while working at K-State Libraries were the closest YOUNG friends I'd had in a long, long time - and I'm still close with them. With the ARMY/Military wife life - it doesn't get any better. I stay FAR FAR AWAY from all that mess (officers wives vs. enlisted vs. rank = my man is a COL and yours is only a MAJ - I just stay in my own world :)

Man, competitiveness/copycating still exists - and it eats some people alive to the point of being obsessive about it. Girls are the WORST (I warn my sisters who both have girls). And sadly, it doesn't stop at junior high/high school. That's my biggest pet peeve. Be your own woman, darn it!

I had no idea you were a Tri- Delt! It's awesome that you can have good friends (and ones from your past still) because that's good sign of your personality. I think I read a quote somewhere that "when you truly love and care about someone (like a friend) you have to lose a bit of your own narcissism." :) It's true though. Same would go for having kids, I think. You have got to see beyond yourself - and I think it's awesome that you aren't the stereotypical "sorority girl" - that makes it even BETTER! :)

I loved your plants comment - the lady across the street here (her husband was in the real Blackhawk down - how cool is that?!) - she was out the other day working on her front flowerbeds - and your comment about buying plants was what I was thinking about today! I want to do little flower pots all on our deck in the backyard - my Mom is a pro at all that stuff - I'm trying! :) I love being outside and in the dirt, though! I hope you found some great plants and I'm glad the whole house feels better!

Happy Birthday to your little boy - my nephew/godchild (well, one of them) Joe - will be one June 1st :) And I'm the baby of my family - and people still say to me, "Oh, your the BABY of all the girls!" It's okay though - Ian will learn to use it to his advantage - HAHA! (how about that new car, Mom???)

Take care and have a wonderful day with your plants!
~ Katrina

Beth C said...

So well said Heatha!!! I cannot wait to catch up with old friends sitting poolside with drink in hand. And I have to say I can't wait to hear Stacy Jo break it down in the "Heatha" theme song. :)

Gillian said...

So - WHAT is the theme song??? I thought everyone had a theme song! Mine is "Groove is in the Heart".

Growing Up Disney said...

So glad you liked your tribute! Thanks for contributing to the site and I look forward to seeing you this weekend!