Wednesday, April 27, 2011

11 %, No way.

No way that my little guy is only 11% for weight. At his one year appointment yesterday he was just over 20 lb, 70% for height and 49% head circumference.

Really? The way this kid packs it away I would have guessed at least 30 or maybe 40% after his measly 5% last visit prior to all table food transition.

This from the kid who is a bottomless pit morning, noon and night and eats more than me at most meals. For example his breakfast: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, a cup of YoBaby, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with 1 banana, and 1 cup of strawberries mixed in. Add to this 1 of 5 sippy cups of milk by end of day. I need a cow or maybe a home equity loan to pay for his upkeep.

Ben lives on crackers and air, Ian on whatever he can get his hands on. Literally.

His dr didn't see any real concern as according to his chart, he is tracking right where he should be as tall and thin. Given the increased food consumption in the past month all thoughts he will catch up much like his brother. Ben has grown by my count at least 5 inches in the last year.

The whole, "this is the end of the baby train" has really hit hard in the last month. Not that I want to be up multiple times at night or have the new, newborn phase insanity again, I'm just a little sad it's close to over and I will never do it again.

In the past few weeks we have traded all bottles for a sippy he will take after trying the last 3 months to find one he would actually drink from and not fling at the wall, floor, dog, himself.

The only other thing of note was we have a referral to a pediatric ENT for rule out of something more than the tracheomalacia he was diagnosed with at 2 weeks. At every dr appointment this year we have asked if we needed to consider a referral, and at every visit we were told he will grow out of this harmless condition by 12-18 months. Simply put he has a floppy airway that sounds like he continually has a cold, or is a 2 pack a day smoker.

But instead it seems like the wheezing and low gurgle is more pronounced than at 6 or 9 months. In the past weeks we have noticed that sometimes it seems he is gasping to breathe. Luckily he did it in front of the doctor warranting a definite need to be seen by a specialist.

On the side note, the doctor added "my what an active one you have." I added he's only trying to keep with his older brother. I think the source of the 11% may just be his activity level that is through the roof and food doesn't stand a chance before being burned up.


Ms Mae said...

When it comes to medical issues as parents we/I struggle to figure out when the doc knows whats best & when to get a second opinion.

Glad you got your referral and hope the specialist can figure out what to do.

Other than that enjoy your petite lil'man. I'm sure in no time he will tower over you :)

LauraC said...

Seriously you are describing Alex to a T! That kid puts away so much food and has never been above 40% on the weight scale. He burns energy being fidgety in his sleep!