Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Better Late than Never

So much for a 4/1 month goal post, 6 days late sounds like my MO for life. Always 10 mins late for life. I read that Elizabeth Taylor's funeral started intentionally late per her desire to commemorate her predilection for tardiness. uhm...may have to consider that for my will.

April Goals already in progress, some already accomplished.

1. Keep the good thing going on the whole sleep and work thing.

2. Cary Road Race this weekend. Only running the 1 mile family fun run with Ben and Ian, but what a happy 1st birthday for my sweet boy.

3. Celebrate Ian's first birthday. Mainly a family focus, but in the last days have thought about a small pay it forward as a personal celebration. More to come but just thinking about the possibility is smile inducing.

4. On the birthday front, get Ben's booked for June. Checking out several options. Top contender is a pool party, but want to check on expected parent participation. Can't think of a nice way to say, "expect to be in a swimsuit" in the invite. Our gym has a beach entry and all kids that can't swim are in life jackets. Thinking on this one as the May/June birthday party onslaught is time consuming for parents. Don't want ours to be a dreaded party.

5. Family Pictures at Duke Gardens. Jon-jon induced cuteness guaranteed. I'm from SC so I get a pass for one shot in sweet smocked goodness. Seersucker pants and white bucs on Ben would push it, right? Like I could ever get those clothes on him unless I allowed wind/athletic pants in all the other shots.

6. Book spa treatments for summer sorority reunion at the Grove Park Inn. DONE and now dreaming of 48 hours sans children, sitting by a 5 star spa with drink in hand.

7. Continue logging min 20 miles or 300 mins per week. Have hit a plateau in the weight loss dept, trying to change up cardio and did spin, fartleks, and weight training in place of 2 days of running last week. My knee is acting up again, think I may need to be seen to prevent injury.

8. One new date night idea with Ben and one with Bill. May date night?- Hangover 2 for sure.

9. Most likely another SC run to help out with mom. Brian needs it and on some level I do to to live with myself long run.

10. BIG huge, already rolling plan: Get going on the getting out of the house goal. Interviewing realtors this week and a need get going on the laundry list of repairs. Still most likely no way until much later in the year to actually get it on the market, but Bill and I are ready and together on making this a priority for 2011.

Bring it April, I plan on spending any and all reasons outside loving my 2nd favorite month of the year.


Ms Mae said...

I'm glad you were able to decide to stay at home. I'm still worried about it but the new job seems fantastic which will help alleviate some stress.

Enjoy the "fun run" and way to motivate your little ones to make fitness a priority!

SOOOO Jealous of the spa day.

Am glad you are doing well in the new "goal" is to be in the top 20 challengers each week. I'm not there yet but I am moving up :)

Any exciting plans for Easter?

Beth said...

Too funny about the jon-jon and seer sucker pants. Did I ever tell you I actually learned how to smock? Then I had the boys, and I tried to put a beautiful smocked bubble on William when he was a baby. Not only did Ed put the immediate kabash on the idea, but I just couldn't go through with it. Didn't feel right. Guess I'm not a true Southern girl after all! LOL. Awesome goals for the month, but I'm most excited about your girls' weekend at Grove Park. Sounds like Heaven!