Thursday, April 28, 2011

A boy mom edition #109759

Mission: Yesterday afternoon dodging rain storms, returning clothes, buying t-ball gear, attempting to buy mother day cards.

Reality: Play it Again Sports is like Hoarders for sports equipment addicts. Could not even push a stroller among all the crap on the floor. Score for taking back Bill's (yes Bill's) sports equipment for store credit. Glove purchased, strike out on pants. This kid needs extra small (how about, "will blow away in a strong wind" size) for Sat am practice.

Then Ben found this: and proceeded to wear it out of the dressing room wearing only his underwear. On backwards as to see the pictures, telling everyone within earshot "Do you like my transformer underwear? I like my transformer underwear. My brother can't wear Transformer underwear, he's too little. He only wears stinky diapers."

Then we hit Marshalls looking for cheap kid's flip flops to replace those Ben destroyed wrestling with Connor at the beach. No interest in flip flops. Instead he wanted to try on girl shoes, and he convinced me to join in. We then made it to Old Navy to make returns. Mid return and I looked over and he was pulling the mannequins pants around her ankles. Then mounting the fake dog. THEN licking, yes licking, the fake dog's head. So wrong and funny all at once. As I was wrapping up and pulled him off the dog the man behind me said, "I have three, I understand."

We never made it to Hallmark to buy cards, I was too wiped out to risk him likely breaking free of my death grip to peruse the cards. My good friend and mom to two elementary boys reminded me last night, "wait until you are shopping for the athletic cup, you will know your status as a boy mom for sure."

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Beth said...

LOL Heather. Damn--you're legs look AWESOME!!!