Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2011 is on like DONKEY KONG!

ok folks, May is rolling and based on the CRAZY productivity over the weekend this month is going to leave me either:

1. insanely proud of my ability to deal under lots of stress
2. in a corner crying uncle while sucking my thumb in a fetal position.

I'll opt for 1.

As I mentioned on Friday in my April wrap up, by month end we are facing end of Ben's preschool, final push to get students to finish my class allowing them to graduate, and oh yeah getting a house we have lived in a decade ready to list.

No stress here. NOPE.

While I am equally enamored with to-do lists, the high of crazy productivity at 2 am, and my overall sense of accomplishment I also know that this could also lead to ever present slippery slope of where lack of sleep and over scheduled insanity leads.

So I'm keeping the list short:

1. Wrap up my spring online sections. Note to self that I kicked my own butt thinking I could pull of 3 full sections and camp mommy at the same time.

2. Celebrate mothers day the way I've always wanted, at home. Hopefully on a Bill planned, organized day out with all my boys. (hint, hoping for a picnic or other outside event.)

3. Keep moving with 300 mins or 20 miles. Adding 30 Day Shred to help on the days I know I will never make it out the house due to insanity. Exercise cannot take a back burner with all this house prep.

4. Sleep. Keep a good thing going, don't be my own worst enemy.

5. Blog posts for Move It 2011 participant interview (done and running this week), Disney guest post, keeping up here at least 3 times a week, and even post a couple on the Freeze Ahead blog (2 already up for May since this is my long lost child.)

6. Get out of the house at least once a week nightly, with earrings and without a sun visor on to be around someone whose name is not "vinson"

7. Bust it to get this house market ready by June 1st. SO much here it's a post unto itself. SO much work, donating, cleaning, purging already happening. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy to see organization out of chaos.

*note to Bill don't ask me should we keep this, my answer will always be NO and why the heck do you have that anyway"

May, you have been put on notice for serious productivity and hopefully not losing my mind in the process.


HeatherV said...

@Beth I mistakenly deleted your comment Friday. To answer your question, yes to summer teaching but hoping to give my 2nd section to the student teacher I've had all semester leaving me with one class.

Carrie77 said...

We are going out (with my family) on Saturday for Mother's Day this year, and then Sunday I really want to spend the day at home instead of at some crazy, busy restaurant. It will be soooo nice!