Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yeah, Yeah You'll All Agree

Been a little MIA. But all for a good reason. March plan for more sleep in full swing. So a little random for mid week.

+++ Ian turned 11 months on Monday. He has totally lost the newborn even baby look in favor of burgeoning toddler face and body. He is so very close to walking unassisted and is into everything in breakneck speed. Can I shrinkwrap my house?

+++Ben is much better after 4 days of strep throat. Luckily he didn't pass it to anyone before we went to the Dr on Friday. Day 4 = reinacting Wipe Out brought him a return to school.

+++Work has been extra busy due to state budget cuts and "need" to prove that online education shouldn't be axed. Lots of meetings, lots more to do, lots of prayers needed I can keep my sweet deal going.

+++Loving the book, THE BIG SHORT by Michael Lewis. Very good and *not* a boring econ book detailing the fiancial meltdown and curent recession. Really, it's good.

+++Weather for Saturday race is 80 and sunny. 8:30 am start shouldn't be too cold. A little worried that after 4 months of running, my knee is really hurting for the first time. Took time off last week with a sick kid and have only ran 3 miles not usual 5 Monday. Walked it Tuesday and plans to lay off until Saturday. Getting a little nervous about not being able to run the whole thing. Major disappointment given I've been running 5 miles 3-4 times a week since January and really want not to walk a single step Saturday.

+++Watching footage from Japan is sobering. Wow. Just Unbelievable Wow. While Japan is an industrialized country, we all need to give something to charities that are providing help. I saw a photo of a mom holding a baby being checked with a geiger counter yesterday. Cannot imagine that reality. Starting to think Japanese moms are the real Tiger moms.

+++Weekend trip to the Celebrity Dairy. Much fun on a beautiful spring day. Write up and pics once edited.

+++My mom has trasitioned well to the nursing home for the 2 week step down stay. It feels good to say that outloud. Brian and I are talking hiring a daily nurse/assistant to help for a couple of hours each day once home. Costly but I think it's the only way she can be at home without Brian filing for FMLA leave.

+++Cooking on the agenda this weekend: Mamma Dip's Chicken and Rice, Stuffed Shells, Veggie Lasagne, and Mac and Cheese. Most going to SC for trip next weekend, but some staying here to fill the freezer. NEED to update freeze ahead blog that I considered shutting down. But I actually have used it for quick recipies this month.

+++Sleep. I love you. No I really, really love you. Have managed to get 6 hours most nights. I feel SO much better. Trying to priortize on work but feel like I'm still (always) behind.

Send my knee some good thoughts and please give to Japan recovery.


wraith said...

You gotta be careful with sleep deprivation, girl. It can cause depression, anxiety, and.. uh herpes I think? Maybe I'm remembering wrong. Anyway, sleep! :-)

Beth said...

So glad Ben is better and didn't pass the strep along. I know I shouldn't say this out loud, but strep is the one illness we've never had. Glad you're enjoying The Big Short! I didn't understand it at all (well maybe a little), but he is a great writer and I loved the personalities he focused on. Good luck for this weekend! Praying your knee holds out, and lots of prayers for Japan. William and I were talking about it this morning. So sobering.

LauraC said...

YAY for good sleep.
Let's get Ian's one year pictures (and family pictures) on the calendar... maybe Duke Gardens like Ben's?

Wendee said...

Run/walk it however your body lets you and focus on *enjoying* the race, Heather. Will be thinkin' about you!

Ms Mae said...

So glad your little one is feeling better too! I'm hoping Soph doesn't give it to Brynn.

As for the should slow down. I'm now 10 lbs to goal and as everyone knows the last 10 is the hardest to get off!

Good luck with the education deal and on your run!