Monday, March 21, 2011

And I Would Like to Thank the Academy...

Last thought on the weekend race since I had 60 uninterrupted child-free mins on the treadmill today.

Thanks to anyone and every one's comments and FB comments. I do appreciated the support more than you will ever know.

I told Bill tonight (after he got home late from seeing a movie.. I took my one free hour and spent it at the gym.... what doesn't add up, oh he ran 10 miles yesterday I forgot minus the moaning most of last night.)

Agreement to split the weekend to try and get outside more. I'll take whatever day just some time to be outside over the treadmill. Today I was more crazy tired than normal and walked 8 mins of the 60 and was drenched in sweat.

Also plans to check out the 1 and 5 mile trails nearby at Harris Lake Park. Trail running seems to be something that would build endurance over the long haul plus it's outside.

When I think back over the last 4 months of this one change to my exercise and diet, the addition of the running, however slow it is, has been the only thing to bust off some weight after a good months long plateau.

On that note and at least another 30 more pounds to go before end of year, so YES... I am going to keep this up. I want to move on to researching learning how to train to maximize what I am doing to 1. bust off more weight 2. learn better technique 3. Be able to really "do" a race.

What I mean is Saturday all I wanted to do was just finish. At one point I saw this kid and her mom ahead and though, "by God I cannot let that some 10 year old beat me" So I skipped over to my "when all else fails" playlist and pushed ahead. I did pass them but seriously was one of the LAST people to come in. I am fairly sure that had Bill not had the kids he could have taken a decent nap while waiting.

I think the walkers-only were only 5 mins behind me. So... again, it's a place to start, move forward and set some new goals.


Ms Mae said...

Heather - you did great by finishing. One of the best shirts I saw at last years marathon said on the back, "if you can read this, I'm not last". I loved it and it motivated me the entire race *I did the 1/2*

As for weather in Wyoming. It's still semi-cold [40-60 degrees] but most days have 25-35mph winds with 40 mph gust. I'm always afraid it will just blow poor Brynn away! Hopefully after a month or so it will settle down.

Can't wait to see if you find an outdoor trail that you like. Just be sure to mix them up or else they get monotonous too!

Katrina said...

Miss V -
Having a goal of just finishing isn't a bad thing - it's a great goal, because it's about YOU. You weren't worried about beating or competing with anyone - you were focused on YOU and what you wanted to accomplish. Whether you were one of the last people, or one of the first - you're doing that race FOR YOU. That's the important part. No one else matters in that race, besides you (and your family!)

Getting outside will not only vary up your muscles for your running (versus the TM) but will also just help get you out and about for YOU. I find that when I'm inside on my TM, I tend to focus sometimes (mentally) on things in the house (the dogs, what things i need to do) and splitting up my runs and getting outside helps me just relax a little bit, get out of the house and enjoy being outside. Yesterday I ran and it was barely 50 out with a cold wind, but I loved it. Just to get out - being outside will do wonders for you -even if it's only for a mile! I really give you kudos for branching out and looking into ways to grow in your running (trails). Trail running is a great way to enjoy a slower run - because with all the hills/rocks/terrain - you don't (and shouldn't) go near as fast and can enjoy what you're doing even more! Can also be a family thing, too! Make sure you get trail shoes though - don't use your running shoes!

As for your weight loss - you are the epitome example of how "healthy" weight loss is and should be: good exercise combined with eating right. With all the weird diets out there and people putting strange things into their bodies - I'm at a loss for what people think is "healthy" nowadays or what they are willing to do to be "healthy". You are the perfect example, and I love your enthusiasm for your running and your weight loss adventure. You will succeed! Keep on enjoying it - and You. Will. Do. It!

Carrie77 said...

Keep up the great work, all that determination and motivation is paying off!

LauraC said...

Lots of thoughts swirling in my head and really, any time you want to talk running, I am here.

Also like Katrina said, there's no shame in setting a goal of just finishing. That is what I did with my first half after the boys were born, I just wanted to finish. Didn't care about time. But then you get out there and see other people and want to do better. Running gets in your head like that.

As for trail running, do you mean off-road trail running? Because that is even harder than outside running because of the change in terrain and hills, particularly around here with all the roots and rocks and snakes.

The other thing I was going to tell you is that when you are running, you always want to dress about 20 degrees warmer than the temp outside. Sounds crazy to wear shorts and t-shirt in 60 degree weather but once you warm up, that's how hot you will feel.

AND for summer outdoor running here... you have to get acclimated over time. It took me the entire month of May last year to get used to running outside until I could run 3 miles without dying. I had MANY runs I had to walk bc of the heat and I'm in pretty decent shape.

You should seriously be proud even if you feel like all you did was finish. Just by finishing, you're ahead of 99% of the people in this country!!!

LauraC said...

PS Runner's World has an excellent book on women's running.

Katrina said...

Oh hey! I almost forgot - Thanks for the shoutout on your blogroll, Heather! I totally appreciate it! I think I mentioned this before - but once I figure out how to set up my blogroll, (Tumblr doesn't have a widget) - you will SO be on it!

Take care and thanks again!!!!