Friday, March 11, 2011

Show Me the Mommy- Diagnosis: Lots and Lots of Pac Man

Ben woke up in the middle of the night crying with a sore throat. By yesterday morning he was still really lethargic and complaining that "a prickly leaf scratched his mouth."

He also was running a low grade fever and complaining that his tummy hurt (although thankfully we didn't have the pucky puke.)

A sick day. I called the school to let them know, cancelled my gym appointment. Asked Bill if there was any way possible to try to be home before my online meeting to help with the kids. A lot of negative and extra work in light of lots of state budget cuts. Needless to say I've been pulling late nights this week, again :(

For the most part Ben wanted to lay on the couch, watch TV and tell me that he was dying. Or better yet rerun the same conversation about who will die first, me or daddy, Ben or Ian, his dog and yes... those damned cats.

Thinking of giving him an urn for his birthday to keep the memory going.

Most of the day I juggled the kids with talking to schools, teaching my 3 classes, answering emails, grading, documenting what seems every single thing I do. I did manage to get the dog walked before the deluge of rain hit. Ben asked if he could wear this around the neighborhood. Why not, when else can you wear boots and wagon wheel/fringe pj bottoms and not pass for certifiable.

I got Ian to take a much needed nap, got dinner going, made a cake (how very housewifely of me), more work for school and the meeting, and then played Pac man in bed with Ben on the iPad.

I love Pac Man. Ben loves Pac Man. We all love Pac Man. But not to the degree of owning the 45 of "Pac Man Fever, having matching sibling shirts from the Anderson, SC Jockey lot, or remembering my teacher asking who the owner of the 101 Pac Man jokes book left on her desk (culprit, me).

The crazy thing is that I don't remember one time being sick at home as a kid. I'm sure I HAD to be sick at some point. I mean come on, kids get sick. I do remember getting sick any time I ate Italian food when I was in the 1st or 2nd grade and trying to wash my hair and change my linens without waking anyone up.

Ben was unbealiabley pathetic asking me to carry him up the steps, cover him up 900 times, feed him. I watched Maters Tall Tales and then Wipeout twice with him. I suddenly needed make school calls when Minute To Win it surfaced.

I'm all for some compassion and extra snuggle time, but I mean come on Ben, there's milking it and then 4.5 man cold status.

Note to self, I should never, ever say outloud, "my kids rarely get sick due to my passing along some teacher antibodies."

Totally eating my words as we start Sick Day, Part 2. All hopes that over the weekend we can get him back to his normal rambunctious self and keep Ian from getting sick. Mom on the other hand CANNOT be sick. Contract work = no sick days.


LauraC said...

Age 4, my boys changed from "nothing bothers me when I'm sick" to man cold. It's miserable.

At least with fever they are lethargic and lay around watching tv.

Hey I was also going to say with fever and sore throat, watch as strep is going around. JOY.

Ms Mae said...

OH no! I hope you all start feeling better!