Thursday, March 31, 2011

All the way to the Final Four Baby!

Last day of the month and keeping with month long goal focus for 2011.
March = awesome. Here's the recap from my Un-Madness March Plan.

1. Work and Sleep- from my March plan, "Chapter 912, maybe this month I will kick my own a$$ for not doing just paying lip service to what I *know* is my downfall."


Almost all nights except this week post trip, I MANAGED TO BE IN BED by MIDNIGHT and consistently got 6 hours of sleep. Major difference in the quality of life, stress reduction, being up with Ian by 6 am or earlier and not felling like hell. I could write a million posts about a lifelong issue with sleep and I am super proud for sticking it out and not caving and more importantly not having to go the sleep med route.

Note that it did come at a price, I bailed on both book clubs, Bunco, a girls night, coffee with Eileen, Wednesday walking with Sandy to get work done at a reasonable hour. But I managed almost all 4 weeks to make it out of the house with earrings on and out with someone that is not male and Vinson.

I did of note turn down a 2nd student teacher and picking up a new item writing contact. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, the power of saying NO THANKS. Repeat, please.

2. Date nights with Ben and Bill. Ben- super secret date night to Science and Life complete with blindfold and 20 (ok 4) questions on post it notes. Picnic afterwards at Duke gardens. Can I just say how much I love Ben date nights. Bill and I got together with friends to game and grill out. Double win.

3. South Carolina Run- Done. Most likely back again in April. Repeat monthly if possible as it was needed and appreciated.

4. Co host a baby shower. Upcoming this weekend, didn't want to leave the co-host hanging so the earlier SC run allowed for me to be more help. SHE (not I) is pulling out some all out craftiness. I did arrange for a custom cake by my friend so I did technically contribute something cute.

5. My 1400 sq. foot Paradise. Not much progress but have the first of several Realtors coming out this Friday for a walk through (my foot high, needing to be mowed yard) house to give us an idea of what we are looking at getting/to be done. It's a starting place for a major undertaking to be out in the next year.

6. Taxes- First time in 4 years, REFUND. Bill's already spent it 900 ways in his head.

7. Read at least 1 if not 2 books. Finished Corrections- 2nd time in audiobook on all the SC trip runs (yes ironic of all books to pick given the trip focus), a super icky shouldn't have finished it but did and now swearing off anything again by BEE, and currently I Feel Back About My Neck- Short Stories by Nora Ephron. Very funny and redemptive after the Imperial Bedrooms trainwreck. Seriously I *should* have left Clay, Blair, and Julian in 1987. What a waste of my time, at least it was time on the elliptical from cover to cover.

8. Get jogging stroller fixed for the Cary Road Race. DONE! Have been running the neighborhood with Ian and the dog.

9. Buy some spring clothes- swimsuit, 3 shirts, 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs for sandals (from an old fart vendor, but miraculously they are cute.) Yep, going to be seeing me in the same thing all summer.

10. 2nd consult with the P. Surgeon- Deposit paid, date on the books for December. Excited ? Scared? You bet your sweet (and my much smaller) body.

CRAZY BONUS POINTS! FOR FINISHING THE RACE, Passing 250 MILES since Jan 1, and getting my 2011 to-read list posted in Good Reads.

Hello April, with all this (extra) sleep I'm all in for anything.


Katrina said...

Hey! Getting sleep in every night is sooooo important. A lot of people don't realize that not getting enough sleep can actually lead/cause weight gain! (read that in a few different health blogs/studies) - I'm glad you are making TIME for sleep!!! Glad you got a refund with the taxes; with H being in the military, we always get a good refund back - but this year we paid off his student loans (I have none) with our tax refund so now all we are paying off is his truck (my car got paid off last year). One payment makes such a difference! Yay for refunds!

I'm also cheering you on with your book reading (of course I am, librarian me here) I've started picking up on my reading again, (about time!) and I really wanted to read both of Jonathan Franzen's Corrections and Freedom - I heard they are both good (if you like looking at the family within). What did you think? Do you plan to read Freedom?
Summer clothes - I'm the same way. I buy a couple of basic summerdresses and then just wear the same ones throughout the summer. Oh well. CHEAP! I'm proud of you with your 250 miles - KEEP ON TRUCKIN' LADY! I just passed 715 miles for this year so far - but that's just because I'm a psycho runner fiend :) Keep up the great work!

OH! The DVD I was trying to burn is 2 yoga/meditation shows I have recorded on my MacBook. I love the lady that teaches them, (she's got such a calming voice) and I was trying to get them off my MacBook! I figured out what I was doing wrong - so I finally got the DVDs made! Let me know if the Fighter is good - that's got Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale in it, right? Both great actors! We *tried* watching The American over the weekend (with George Clooney) and turned it off after 45 minutes. I had heard it was bad - but it was SO BORING - we couldn't stand watching it! I think we have Due Date and "Get Him to the Greek" waiting to be watched now - I like humorous movies :)

I hope you get your date night in!!!!

Beth said...

Go you on saying No! LOL. And nice job on getting your sleep on. And awesome job on all the exercising you are still make a priority. So impressed with that. Thinking of you and your brother as you face the long-term care issues. Have you and Bill looked into long term care insurance for yourselves? I'm beginning to think we should. I see more and more friends who are having to make tough decisions and sacrifices in caring for their aging parents. As always, you are a rock star!

Carrie77 said...

Heehee, ok I have to tease you for saying midnight is early! Yikes! I know 6 hours is more for you, but I would try to do 7 hours next. Because, really... 8 hours is supposed to be the best for you. Not that I get 8 hours of sleep ever, but I do try to stay within 7-7.5 hours. 6 seems to still be way too little for me. Maybe you can ease into it somehow... altho, I know it seems the Spring and Summer months get even crazier! Congrats on your race again!