Sunday, March 20, 2011

Like a Doughnut on Fire (part 2, With Sprinkles on top)

Part 2 of Like a Doughnut on Fire... BONUS.... SPRINKLES for the POST RACE WRAP UP!!!

Beautiful, Sunny 60s weather under a Carolina blue sky for Sat am 5k.

Thanks Universe :)

I probably could have pushed out harder on parts and maybe finished a little faster. My own child in his 4.75 wisdom commented, "is Mommy going to beat anyone" I can vouch for people in front of me that were walking/running that finished ahead of me. But,

I wanted to finish in under 45 mins without a step of walking no matter how slow I was jogging.

Goal accomplished. A first PR of 40.15.

All plans for the Cary Road Race with the kids in the Family Fun Run in April and ....gulp....Warrior Dash in August and most likely something else in the fall.

Note to self that I need more outside runs, weekly if possible as it's so different than treadmill running.

Bigger Note to Self that training in the heat this summer is a must so I DO.NOT.DIE or have to be Medivac-ed out humiliating this team of insanity-driven ladies I'm joining. Summer training advice welcome.

You have to start somewhere so that you can acknowledge commitment and progress.

Here's to a great starting race, finish within my goal, support cheering at the end, and the sheer excitement of kicking part of Team #317 to the curb.

Sprinkles on top, you bet.


Wendee said...

Woooo, Heather, you rock!

I'm passing on a little info I learned the last week or so. Running outside *is* different than the treadmill - treadmill is generally easier and also gentler on the joints (which is why I like it and try to split my running time between treadmill and roads). I read that if you set the incline on the treadmill to at 1 or 1.5 (rather than zero), it will be a little more comparable to running outside. I gave that a try this past week, and it seems to help. The transition to running outside wasn't as tough this week.

Good for you for signing up for your next races. I'm raising my glass (hydration bottle) to you for your PR. Go get 'em!

Ms Mae said...

Good job on finishing your race! I have also hear that the tread "dread" mill is easier . . . but I find for long runs it is easier for me to run outdoors. I dont' get so bored that way! I'm ready, on this first day of spring, for nice weather so I can get outside. I'm hoping to do my first outdoor run this year later this week.

I'm looking forward to seeing how your warrior dash goes. They look so fun!

LauraC said...

Can I say WOO HOO again? Totally rocked it. And set a PR. Awesome awesome awesome.

Katie L. said...

So excited for you:-) congrats Heather

Beth said...

Go Heather! Freakin' awesome. Seriously, you rock. So glad the weather cooperated! Congrats on your first (of many?) 5K!

Carrie77 said...

Congrats, Heather! You look SO happy and proud of yourself in those photos. What an accomplishment. And, you look great! Keep it up! I also run on a treadmill, although I have had to take a break from running... but, I usually set mine at 2 for my faster running pace and at 0 for my slower running pace. Its set at 2 for I'd say 75% of my run.

Jen Murphy said...

Great job Heather!! So proud of you. Can't wait to see you soon.

Jen Murphy said...

Great job Heather!!! So proud of you! Can't wait to see you soon!!

Katrina said...

Congrats on your run, Heather! I think that you had it right - to slow it down a bit and set a goal of not having to stop and walk any part of the "run" - you did great!
The TM (treadmill) can work two ways: if you have a lot of hills outside (my area is all hills) a treadmill run is much easier. If you have a much flatter area outside - then the treadmill might be a little boring if you can do that outside instead. I've got a TM and love running on it - but found that running outside definitely forces you to control your pace - AND - also works totally different leg muscles! I had a bothersome pulled leg muscle in my right leg - and after 2 days of running outside splits (from my TM) - the outside runs healed it! So those hills (and the switch up) can do a body good! Just be careful and watch your knees - cement/road is seriously hard on the knees. Dirt running/sand way better - cement just doesn't give back for your joints!! Even paved running routes are bad - they never really seem to be level - and can mess up the hips, too! Great job and have fun!